The Types of Mining and Fracking

By:Thomas, Aj, and Christos

The types of mining

Surface and subsurface mining


Digging on top of land which includes strip mining.


Is digging into the ground by creating tunnels, and bring minerals up to land.

The difference

surface mining is digging on top of land, and the other is digging inside the crust.
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This picture is surface mining

This an example of strip mining, affects the environment by taking out land.

Bad practices in mining can create coal fires that can burn for decades.

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This picture is subsurface mining

Creating tunnels to mine.

Crust is weakened when mining and creating man made caves.


Fracking is known as the routine of drilling down into the crust. Then releasing lots of pressure of water, to release the gas, and let it rise up to the well.
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This is fracking

Pushes high pressured water into an area where gas is and let it rise into the well.

Fracking impacts the environment by releasing over 600 different fluids, some that are toxic. If those chemicals go into a main body of water, environments could be destroyed.