By: Ashtyn P Period 7

New news about the topic everyone is craving about. Love, Its everywhere. Everyone wants to know how it began or when it happens. In this article you will read how it all began, And how it all started. Including nureoscientist's expert opinion on how your brain developes love.

How does it work?

Studies in nereoscience have come up with recent information that everyone wants to know about, Love. What does it mean? And where exactly does it come from? Well here are your answers. The chemicals in the brain such as dopamine, testostrone, and norepinephrile. It works really but producing all these chemicals at once. Now, how does it exactly produce love? it doesnt. Love is just a word to sum up the actual meaning. Love is just a strong attraction towards another person. Without the attraction of romantic love we would live a whole different society today.

Why do you get these types of feelings?

Manly when someone likes another they feel the need to fit in with that persons crowd. You may feel that if you start liking a certain thing that they start liking you. But that is not really the reason. They take you as more of a friend than a lover. Which thats how most romantic relationships happen. Love is not thinking someone you see on tv, that you think is cute or handsome or pretty. Love is feelings in the heart when you know that person will be with you the rest of your life. The chemical waves in that part of your brain act differently towards that individual. Because they appeal to you. Either they like your style music or they are really nice to you. the possibilities are endless

How do I get them to like me?

Well you cant really force that person to like you. It really has to come naturally really. But there are certain things you can do to increase your chances. Number 1, get to know them also try to stand out. The only way to get them to notice you is to be yourself and be confident both guys and girls love confidence. Try to make plans with them. If your scared make friends with theirs to get closer to them.

What does the word love mean?

An intence feeling of deep affection (noun) feel a deep romantic attachment to someone (verb)

Whats the history of love?

Romance isn't dead, but it might be 9 centuries old, according to an oxford university academic "its important to bear in mind that i do not think people have changed" said the professor "people in every time and culture has written about it or valued it in some way." In the 12th century , romantic love became something that was worth celebrating and exploring in songs and stories also you only have to look at modern day music and movies to see that romance is still thriving today

whats so great about love?

a lot of people ask whats so great about love? well here's your answer. The feeling you get for a person is almost as powerful as the addiction to sugar! Except no sugar. Also someones always there that's got your back.