Force Flyer

Holden R Stewart

Push / Pull / Grip

Push: Forcing an object away from you

Pull: Forcing an object toward you

Grip: The force of holding an object in a state of no release

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Gravity (weight)

The force of Gravity is the Weight of an object pulling the object toward the Earth or any other universal object of a much larger mass.
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Friction is the force that works against two touching surfaces.
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Electrical force is what causes Friction.

Opposites attract in with negative and positive charges.

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Air Resistance

Air Resistance is the Force that works against the surface of an object and the air.


Buoyant Force is what causes an object to float in Air, Water, Ect...
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Air or Water Pressure

The Air or Water pressure is an force that is pushing outward by something containing the liquid.
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Elastic Force is a stretching or pulling of a string or rope.
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Normal Force

Normal Force is the Force that supports something on the Earth.
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Contact Force

Contact Force is the Force that requires the giver of the force to be in contact with the receiver.
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Non-Contact Force

Non-Contact Force is the Force that acts at a distance.
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