St. Stanislaus STAR

February 10 , 2016


Thank you all for sharing Catholic Schools Week with us this year. I hope you enjoyed the extra events and our special Family Fun Day last Friday. Many thanks to all helped celebrate the specialness of our school and for those who made the celebrations possible.

Today we begin the Lenten season. Teachers have prepared special activities to help students understand the importance and beauty of this liturgical season. Some of these activities include: The Lenten Booklet, “Totally Lent” for family activity; weekly activities to contribute to the school theme of our journey to Easter; Stations of the Cross; Sacred Silence at the end of our liturgies and during lunches on Ash Wednesday and Fridays; and an opportunity for the Sacrament of Reconciliation in March. I know that our students take seriously their Lenten practices of prayer, fasting and almsgiving. Thank you for your family support in helping our children experience Lent.

Mid quarter reports are being sent home with students in grades 3-8 today. Should you have a concern about a grade, please contact the teacher responsible for the instruction of the class. You will note that there is no music grade being given on this mid quarter report as the class has been covered by substitute teachers and little assessment was done.

It is our hope that next week, we will have a permanent person in the music position. Details are being worked out. The music position is being moved from a full time position to a part time position creating new schedules for all students. We are still working out some of the details of this new schedule. As you can imagine, it is difficult and emotional for us to transition into these changes and to let go of our former music teacher. Thank you for your patience and understanding in this situation

Have a blessed three-day weekend.

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Parks & Rec Program and Facilities guide

Lessons from the Classroom

A new feature to the STAR will be this section where lessons from the classroom are shared. It is my hope that parents will begin to see the many wonderful lessons and activities that go on at St. Stanislaus School.

“Burying” the Alleluia

Mrs. Luekenotte’s 6th grade students are enriching their understanding of Lent by “burying” the Alleluia.

During Lent the word “alleluia” is neither sung nor spoken. Mrs. Lueckenotte wanted students to understand this in a more concrete way. The 6th grade students colored stained glass pages with the word “Alleluia” on it. A makeshift “tomb” was created in the classroom and each student buried his/her “Alleluia” in the tomb. The doors were sealed closed. When students return after the Easter vacation, the Alleluias will be resurrected!

Notes & Reminders

  • Friday, Feb. 26 is the Knights of Columbus Fish Fry here at school. IF WE DO NOT HAVE A SNOW DAY BETWEEN NOW AND THEN, SCHOOL WILL NOT BE IN SESSION on Friday, Feb. 26.
  • Our school is participating in My Coke Rewards which will benefit the Athletic Department as well as other school activities. Please turn My Coke Rewards located on any Coke product including Dasani water and Powerade. For more information:
  • For clarification: St. Stanislaus School is in session on Friday, Feb. 12. St. Stanislaus School is not in session on Monday, Feb. 15.
  • Blair Oaks is not in Session on Friday, Feb. 12 (no bus service, Speech or Title 1 for St. Stan students). Blair Oaks is in session on Monday, Feb. 15 to make up the one snow day. St. Stanislaus School is not using Feb. 15 to make up a snow day.

Calendar of Events

Wednesday, February 10

8:00 Mass 5th

Mid quarter

Thursday, February 11

NET retreat for 8th grade

No Mass

Friday, February 12

No bus service

2:10 Mass (teacher)

Monday, February 15


Wednesday, February 17

Kindergarten Meeting 6:30 - 7:30 Room 112

7:50 Mass 2nd


Basketball week 8:
Varsity Girls (6-2) lost against St. Peter 23-25

Varsity Boys (7-1) won against St. Joe Westphalia 49-29

JV Girls (5-3) won against St. Peters 47-18

6BB (4-3) lost against St. Joe Westphalia 29-39

6BW (3-4) lost against Trinity 23-28

6th Girls (6-1) won against Our Lady of Lourdes Black 15-7

5th Boys (2-5) lost against St Joseph 15-23

Archery Team

The St. Stanislaus Raiders Archers got back on target this past weekend at the St. Martin's State Qualifying NASP Tournament. This was a big tournament with 554 shooters and some tough competition.

The Elementary Team again got 1st Place and improved their best score by over 80 points with a score of 2930.

The Middle School Team did not place as high (5th), but they did manage to score a 3118. This is a new school record for St. Stanislaus. The prior record was a 3067.

Both teams are now qualified for the 2nd tier for registration for the MONASP State tournament in March.

Scoring and Ranking Stats:

Cayden Grothoff was the high shooter on our team and took 1st place in the tournament for all elementary shooters boy and girl with a score of 274.

Lainey Hood set a new school record for 4th graders, boy or girl, with a score of 266.

Elyse Imhoff set a new school record for 3rd graders, boy or girl, with a 257. This also would have also beaten the 4th grade record.

Eli Bruemmer has the over all Elementary and 5th grade record with a 282.

Archers placing in the top 10 in their division and gender:


Wyatt Basinger 3rd

Lainey Hood 4th

Elyse Imhoff 6th

Jeremiah Bruemmer 9th

Madelyn Verslues 9th


Alyssa Gipe 3rd

Nicholas Heislen 7th

Eli Bruemmer 8th

Shooters that shot their Personal Best:

Claire Ashley, Wyatt Basinger, Jeremiah Bruemmer, Nicholas Heislen, Lainey Hood, Elyse Imhoff, Jada Markway, Cole Morehead, Jaxon Sneller, Lexi Stark, Madison Verslues, Kearra Steinlage, Jared Steinman, Jared Wortmann.

Great job shooters. Our last Qualifying tournament for State will be this Saturday and Helias. Wish them luck!

God Bless and Go Raiders!

Coach Herrbold