A Global Music Experiment


We are gonna perform a co-creation music experiment that's long distance: 4 musicians from 4 different locations will be selected to compose 4 songs without knowing each other! At the end of the experiment 4 short videos will be produced to narrate the story through international websites and magazines.

What do you need

You need really minimal equipment to participate in the experiment:

● your instrument

● audio recording devices to record good quality audio

● headphones or stereo monitors

● a video recording device: mobile phones, ipads, digital cameras are good enough for our purpose

● your willingness to take part in a fun experiment that will be more like a game and will allow you to express yourself in almost absolute freedom

How it works

The experiment will last for 4 weeks and you’ll be guided through the entire process.

Week 1: during the first week each one of you will receive an email containing a topic, a tempo and a time structure. These will be different for each one of you. The goal for the first week is to compose a piece of music starting from those constraints and, at the end of the week, to send it to us (we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to do that).

Week 2: at the beginning of week 2 you’ll receive the topic, tempo, time structure and recording by another musician, and you’ll have to compose your part of music over it. Again, you’ll send you recording to us and we’ll start putting the tracks together

Week 3: this time you’ll receive topic, tempo, time structure and the mixed recordings of tracks by 2 other musicians. Same story: compose over it and send us your recording.

Week 4: quite clear, you’ll receive another song and will have to add your track to it.

At the end of the experiment we’ll have 4 randomly created songs! At this point, you’ll discover who are all the 4 musicians were involved in the experiment.

Why we want to do this

We believe there is a huge potential in using the Internet to connect musicians on a global scale. Collaborative processes always generate value: we think there is a potential to create great music which can later become part of a series of compilations of co-created music, creating shares for all the parts involved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to create the best music possible?

No. The experiment is like a game: you don’t have to spend hours composing your music and only have to take care to respect the topic, tempo and structure. If you are in week 1 or 2, it is good to take into account that other musicians will have to add some music after you (so maybe you’d like to leave some space for their notes).

Do we have to create an entire song?

No. Usually songs have an intro, an outro and are refined in several steps. It’s quite difficult to manage all these aspects when you are not aware of what the song will sound like at the end. So we just need to create partial songs which will be used as a soundtrack for 4 short videos to explain the project.

What if, for one of the week, I am not able to record my piece of music?

First thing: this is not intended to be a job, this is an experiment which works like a game. You’ll always be in contact with our community organizers, Antonio or Joe, and they will always be ready to listen to your difficulties and manage the project in a way that will allow us to complete it, even with some delays caused by your job.

What about the rights?

The parts of music you’ll create will not be used for commercial purposes. If, by chance, the recording created will be sold “as-it-is”, we’ll share the revenue in 6 parts: 1 for each musician involved, 1 for the audio engineer and 1 for the creators of the experiment.
But take into account, it is quite difficult, with an incomplete song, to generate revenues.

What is the advantage for me?

This question you have to ask for yourself. Our idea is, once we've validated that the process of co-creation is working, to create the first co-created music compilation to be produced through a crowdfunding campaign. Of course, as you’ll be already “verified musicians” you’ll be asked to participate in the phase 2, which will more probably generate revenues.

On the other hand, you can take advantage of our skills and contacts:

● the huge network of contacts in the music industry;

● the contacts with the international press we developed in the past years;

● our ability to create successful communication campaigns on a worldwide level

● our ability to create successful crowdfunding campaigns

Finally, take into account that you’ll get in touch with great musicians! We will select each one of you because we think you are great players.