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History Rocks! Volume 4 Issue #4

“A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams.”

~ Gilbert Grosvenor, the father of photojournalism, was the first full-time editor of National Geographic. (1899–1954)

Studying the past Presidential Electoral maps gives our students a glimpse into the story of our American dream. Below is our first electoral map and the website, 270towin, has one for every presidential election since 1792!

Big picture

1792 Election Results

George Washington (Federalist) 132 Electoral Votes

John Adams (Federalist) 77 Electoral Votes

George Clinton (Anti-Federalist) 50 Electoral Votes

  • Prior to 1804, each Elector cast two votes for President, effectively doubling the votes cast
  • Each Elector selected Washington with one of his votes, effectively making him a unanimous choice for President. The results are reflected in the map above. By coming in 2nd, John Adams was named Vice-President.

Texas Law-Related Education Professional Development Opportunities for 8th Grade and EOC Teachers!!!!

Once again, the folks at Texas Law-Related Education have found a way to bring their training to us during the pandemic!

They have revamped their Teaching the Tough TEKS for the 8th grade and U.S. History teachers. Click on the links to their flyers to find out more information about each online course.

Register on their Professional Development page at

The 8th-grade course opens October 26, 2020, and High School U.S. History opens October 28th, with some live sessions happening after school hours and on Saturdays! (so no substitute needed!!!)

Happenings Around the Region

Museum of Texas Tech Survey

The Museum would love to find out how they can help classroom teachers in the area. If you could fill out the quick google form for them, that would be awesome!!!

Region 17 Social Studies Office Hours

Just like the old college days, ESC 17 is having virtual office hours!!! When you need some weekly support during your conference period, lunch or after school, sign up weekly for our open office hours. Register using the link below. Then, click on the google form below to sign up for a time! The time slots are for 30 minutes. You only need to register in ESCWorks once, but you can "show up" for office hours any of the days below!!!!

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Historically Speaking Weekly After School Virtual Chats

Join us every Thursday after school, from 4:00-5:00 for our Historically Speaking chats. Each week we will have a different topic/resource/strategy to talk about or practice! And then we will have time to share and stay connected to each other!

Thursday, October 29- Elections

Thursday, November 5- Culture and Community

Thursday, November 12- Data-Driven Instruction

Thursday, November 19- Texas Road Trips

Thursday, December 3-Social Studies Updates

Differentiation in the Social Studies Classroom Online

During this self-paced course, social studies teachers will be provided with resources, tools, and instructional support for a variety of learners in the classroom. The Canvas course starts November 2, 2020 and runs until the end of the school year.

Depth and Complexity in the Social Studies Classroom

This self-paced online course will focus on the elements of Depth and Complexity in our social studies classrooms. The course is designed to provide teachers the tools they need to differentiate for their gifted learners. Starts December 7, 2020

Happenings Around Texas, the United States, and the World

Humanities Texas Teacher Institutes Fall Webinar Series 2020

Check out the FREE webinar series from Humanities Texas. These webinars are after school so no substitute needed.

Teaching Texas History

Shaping the American Republic

Teaching Slavery in the Early Republic

The Making of Modern America

Race and Reform in the 1920s

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National History Day 2020-2021

The 2020-2021 theme is Communication in History: The Key to Understanding.

2021 Theme Video - Communication in History
National Council for the Social Studies Conference

Virtual Conference December 4-6, 2020

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