Study Tips for Students

What can I do to remember what I learned in class?

10 Tips to Improve Your Memory for the Big Test

1: Avoid cramming and instead set up specific study times. This gives you the time you need to adequately process the information.

2: Organize the stuff you are studying. Researchers have proven that information is stored in the brain in related groups. Take advantage of it! Try grouping similar topics or terms to help group related concepts.

3: Exercise before the test. Try to maybe walk before the test! It has been proven that exercise boosts memory and brain functions.

4: Relate the information to things you already know! By relating new information to information already learned you dramatically increase the chances of recalling new information.

5: Teach the material to somebody! Research shows that talking the information out loud helps you to process the information better. So grab a friend or a parent and talk it out with them!

6: Get some sleep! Research has shown that sleep rejuvenates a person and aids in memory recall and processing. So the night before a big test but down the phone, computer, or tablet and get some sleep!

7: Create flashcards of the information! Quickly test yourself on key concepts by using flashcards! This will help you realize what you know very well or what you may need to spend a little more time on.

8: Take regular study breaks. Your brain is a great thing but it to needs a break! Taking a break will allow your brain time to absorb the information you just studied.

9: Study in a group! Grab some friends and have a "study session". By studying in a group you collect new insights to enhance you learning.

And last but not least...

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE... by practicing sample question from past exams or created question you are training your brain to receive information.