Animal rights in the iditarod

by Grace Shao

Huskies run against the impossible Iditarod and lives are threatened to all dogs in the team . Many animal rights groups argue on whether or not the treatment of dogs have been improved in the Iditarod. The treatment of dogs participating in the Iditarod has changed for the better.

The cruelty of dogs is often a problem in the Iditarod.

Another law put in place is the requirement of dogs needed to pass the Iditarod.

Mushers may see the Iditarod as the prize of the race but the dog team sees it as a hearty run with their owner. Winning is a great goal to keep in mind but that’s no excuse for mistreating and ignoring the needs and rights of their dog team. With the animal rights group looking out for dogs and mushers caring for their dogs then the Iditarod will definitely improve for the better.