Summer with the Stellar Stylists!

Make a STATEMENT with your July Calendar!!

Who wants to win a STATEMENT PIECE from the new FALL Collection???

You do, you do! I know you do!

Here's 3 shows in July and you are entered to win! Get a bonus entry for every additional show you have booked!

Did you know that by having a consistent summer schedule you will then set yourself up for a great fall selling season (also the best season of the year!)

Why? Because summer trunk shows mean that you are meeting your FALL hostesses!

Now for the fine print...

Message me your July show dates and Hostess Names. I will be tracking and posting results onto our Facebook group. You have until June 30th to enter/book your shows!

You can also post your show dates/hostess names (first names are fine) on our Stellar Stylists team page.

If you already have 3 shows booked, let me know! You are already entered to win!

How will you book these shows?

1. Let your potential hostesses know that the new Fall Collection is debuting on July 6th and you would LOVE for them to be the first to show their friends!

2. Download the Words to Say document in the Stylist Lounge

3. Offer a 'Tote Show to Go' - load up a tote with our best selling pieces, have your hostess "check out the tote" for 48 hours along with a bunch of Look Books and order forms. Let her know if she collects $300 in 4 separate orders she will earn $45 in free product and 2 half price items. If she collects $500 in orders that increases to $100 in free product and 3 half price items! And $1000 in orders means $250 in free product and 4 half price items!

4. Make it a theme! Barbecue and Baubles...Splash into Style...we have some great new images in the Stylist Lounge to inspire you!

Good luck everyone!