The reason why i want to go

I want to go because i want the opportunity to get a good scare, I've been there once but i was only five so i don't remember it well so i really want to go but i love gore and horror so this would be perfect for me.

Opened anytime you'd like to come! limited time offer


Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 7pm to Saturday, Oct. 31st, 1am

Charlotte, NC, United States

This event will be held only in the season of Halloween. Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays only!

Be perpared to be scared and entertained by the lot of creepy creatures that roam the night, the haunted atmosphere will give you the chills and make sure to have a good time.


A fun theme park that has taken the opportunity to scare the living day lights out of you and make sure your okay with people grabbing at you in the dark.
Scarowinds Opening Night 2015