Literacy Identity

Favorite books as a child?

When I was really small, I liked books like Goodnight, Moon because of the pictures and I enjoyed the rhymes. I would have my parents read it to me a lot.

First memories of reading?

My first memories were my father sitting me down on the couch and teaching me to read simple stories. Nothing challenging, but probably something like, ‘the dog says woof’.

Book you love?

I like The Hunger Games because dystopian novels are

my favorite genre, and also because it kept me on edge, and I always wanted to know what happened next.

First memories of writing?

My first memory of writing was in first grade when I was told to write some poems, although I recall that none of them turned out very well, and no one would be able to read it due to the many spelling errors.

Ever kept a journal?

I used to keep a journal when I was little. Usually, it was just a small blurb about what happened that day, the things I did without my parents knowing...you know, the usual.

Most meaningful thing anyone ever wrote you?

The most meaningful thing anyone ever wrote me was a card my parents wrote for me right after one of my performances—Long Island String Festival—telling me how proud they were of me and my accomplishments.

Which crayon?

Probably the light purple one—Lavender, I think?—It’s pretty and it’s used a lot.