Careers on Wheels

April 28th 2016

Careers on Wheels

Thursday, April 28th, 8:15am

Peavy Primary

Hudson ISD

Please arrive between 8:15 and 8:45

When and where to arrive: After 8:15 am – event begins at 9:00 am

Front of school building in circle drive

· HISD police officers will be helping with traffic

· Other school personnel will be available to direct you to the appropriate area when you arrive

· The first business to arrive will go to the 1st position (see map) the second to arrive will go to the 2nd position and so forth

· Stay as far to the right side and leave as much room as possible in the corners for turning

· If you are unloading equipment and would like to move your truck/trailer from the circle drive there will be space on the side road that leads to Bonner Elementary (on the west side of Peavy, this road loops by Bonner Elementary and comes out on FM 3258, which will take you back to Hwy 94 ****please keep in mind that if an oversized vehicle arrives ahead of you and blocks the circle drive then this may not be an option****

Lunch: Will be provided for all participants

Departure: Begins at 2:15 pm

General Information

  • · Approximately 10 different businesses/organizations will be participating
  • · 700+ students, pre-k – 2nd grade, will be seeing the equipment that you bring
  • · Most groups will consist of approximately 45 students with 2 teachers
  • · Each group will have 15 minutes at each station
  • · No talking/presentation is required although you are welcome to provide students with as much information as you like (name of equipment, parts of the equipment, how it is used, occupations associated with the equipment)
  • · The name of your business/organization will be displayed on a small table in front of your station, you may use this table if needed.
  • · Please call or email with any questions of concerns