The Young Angry Soilder

Hudson Lee

How one War caused another

Many Germans were shocked when they heard the war was over. The German Government had not yet told there people that they had taken defeat. They had just won a great battle against Russia in 1917. So many German people had thought that they were winning the war, in 1918. On November 7th 1918 French general Marshal Foch received a small group of German generals at his headquarters in the forest of camp Campiegne.They were planning on winning the war. Marshal Foch gave them 72 hours to leave all gained territories to surrender there arms and warships with in west of the Rhine river. The next day November 10th the German empire fled and the, the next day the New Government signed the Armistic. The fighting stopped on all battlefronts at 11'0'clock on the 11th of November 1918. One young soldier was particularly angry. His name was Adolf Hitler and he will be playing a big role in world war11.