Online Communities

Fun, Interactive Communication in Class

Join the best community in online education!

This class will be interactive and we will infuse social media, ice breakers, games, and a simulated learning environment to keep you engaged!!

Social Media in Class...

During Week Two, I will post the link to the Facebook page that is created for our class. Also, we will communicate through Celly for class text messages and impromptu discussions. Stay tuned, you've never attend a class like this before!!

You look like you have a few questions....

1. How can I learn and have fun? Relax. Be yourself and be open to learn and interact.

2. Do I need to have a Facebook page? No, using Facebook is purely optional. I do encourage that you get familiar with at least using Facebook for business purposes.

3. How will you track my participation? Participation will be tracked through the formal classroom environment. Your submission of grades and classroom discussion questions are tracked in class. Everything else is optional.

About Me!

I love to travel and explore the world! I have fun with my family and friends and I plan on infusing that fun into this course. I have been instructing for over 10 years and I look forward to learning with each of you. Let's get started!