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October 12-16, 2015

10 Expectations

from the new Mayor (Bret)-

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Here is a great read concerning the initiative you will soon lead: Digital Leadership ( Again, this is a great article to share and discuss with your leadership teams previous to IGNITE.

What from the article impacted my thinking? (1) Change is hard. We’ll have to address the fear of change with examples of resonant stories, images, visions, and examples of empowered students and teachers doing amazing things. These images, along with leadership that roles out IGNITE in a systematic, linear fashion sets the stage for success and reduces teachers’ feelings of initiative fatigue (see here ). (2) Teachers and principals matter. To quote, “In the end, technology change in schools is not about the devices. It’s about robust, visionary instructional leadership. Magic doesn’t happen in classrooms just because schools bought a bunch of computers or invested in bandwidth.” Principals must continue to stress the tenets of strong instruction (i.e. differentiation; workshop approaches in reading, writing, and math; clear learning targets; guided practice; one-to-one and small group conferences) and learn alongside teachers to incorporate technology as an accelerate to strong instruction.

Professional Day (no students)

Monday, Oct. 12th, 9am

District Wide

Angela Lee Duckworth: The key to success? Grit

MASL Scholarships, Grants & Awards

The Missouri Association of School Librarians offers a variety of grants & awards that site leaders might be interested in nominating SPS staff for each year. We do have some great work happening at sites that deserves recognition as we move forward. Please visit the website listed below, that give descriptions of the grants and awards, along with the needed dates.

from J-

It was great to see you and learn with you at our Elementary Leadership Team mtg. If you have any feedback to share, please post it on the padlet by clicking here. Also review the read only notes from the agenda. I would highlight the need for balance of time on Monday for the Professional Work day. This is a great opportunity to gather together for some site Professional Learning, and you do have the right, power and option to do learning together on that day. We also know teacher's appreciate the gift of time to accomplish all that is on their plate. A good rule of thumb, in thinking about the general day, would be to limit PL time between 2-2.5 hours and give the remainder 5.-5.5 hours for their work.

In thinking on the groups that were formed yesterday around strengths, this may be some untapped opportunity for us to increase how we are more effective in our collective work. From the Strengths Based Leadership book by Rath & Conchie, organization's leaders that do not focus on their strengths have only a 9% chance of being engaged. Contrary, that percentage increases to 73% when an organization's leadership focuses on their strengths. It is certainly easier to move our system and sites forward when we are engaged in our work, and it is more fun to do it together. Be looking for opportunities to engage with other's on our team who's strengths compliment yours to build greater capacity to influence learning.

I missed the opportunity to connect at Weaver & York this week, and will include them as I head to Bissett, Bowerman, Watkins & Williams next week. I will reach out to schedule times that work best for you at those sites.

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There's a new mayor in town...

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