Digital Citizenship

By: Chloe Eng

What is digital citizenship?

Digital citizenship is the idea that helps professors, technical users and adults to acknowledge what learners, kids, and device owners should know to use the internet school appropriately and responsibly.

Why is digital citizenship important?

Digital citizenship is important because you might not know how much secretive information about yourself you are putting on the internet, so anybody could see the pictures or whatever you posted online. It could also make your friends or teachers look at you in a certain way. In addition, you could stop cyber bullying because it hurts people and whoever cyber bullied made tracks in the internet for somebody else to find and to report to a teacher or any other adult.

Some examples of good and poor digital citizenship in a school setting.

How i will be a good digital citizen this year in school.

I will:

  • Do the work that I am supposed to do in school and not do any things that I am not supposed to do.
  • Use proper grammar online and I will check my punctuation and spelling when I type online.
  • I won't post anything really personal for people I don't know to see, and for people I respect to see because they might look at you in a different way.