Water Pollution

Sadie Burge & Chandler Kenny

What, Where, and Who contributes to water pollution?

Water Pollution is the contamination of natural water. It is a current problem that will most likely continue to happen unless human kind works hard to change our ways to stop it. Water pollution is happening globally. Human activity releases harmful chemicals into the atmosphere adding to water pollution.

How does it occur?

Water can be polluted with fertilizers from nearby lawns or farms, can be contaminated with chemicals from nearby factories, and can come from chemical run-off or other agricultural and industrial sources (826).

Why and what ?

When harmful chemicals in the atmosphere mix with water vapor in the clouds then changes to acid precipitation. Acid precipitation is acidic rain or snow that forms when waste gases from automobiles and power plants combine with moisture and the air (Life iScience 825). Acid precipitation, like all other pieces of water pollution, greatly effects our environment.

How can we help?

In order to reduce water pollution everyone around the world needs to decrease chemical output and try to contain and reduce the amount of chemicals in the atmosphere.

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