Team Vision January Recognition

How Big is Your Vision? When You See it, You Can Be it!

January 2016 Painted the Vision of What is Possible for This Team

One year ago, together, we made a decision. Our decision led us to a new, fresh, and simplified way of doing things. We've grown, we've defined our Team Vision culture, and what has emerged is nothing short of amazing! This Team is remarkable, and we are on the threshold of becoming a Region, and then a Nation!

Leaders are emerging in every downline! The promotions and ever growing volume we are seeing prove that our new direction was the right decision. Below I've shared some highlights and special achievements for January, and I'd like to introduce you to our newest members. As we strive to reach new heights in our personal businesses, we celebrate the growth and success we've accomplished as a Team. You are nothing short of AMAZING!


We are so thrilled to welcome you to Team Vision, and so excited to lock arms with you and walk beside you on this incredible journey. Le't go, let's do this, let's build something big!

District Manager in Qualification

  • Alex Oglesby (DM Qual)
  • Juvy Erickson (DM Qual)
  • Shirene Erickson (DM Qual)
  • Sara Renfro (DM Qual)
  • Julie Cortinas (DM Qual)
  • Monica Schupbach (DM Qual)

February is your Promotion Month. Your goal is to achieve $6000 in successline volume over 2 month. To calculate this you add January successline volume to February successline volume. Your key to success is sponsoring new consultants with Success Pack purchases, hosting events, and reaching out consistently. This first promotion is important to the success of your organization. Reach out and ask your sponsor, or upline for help anytime you need it.


  • Kelly Simpson
  • Shirene Erickson
  • Alex Oglesby
  • Juvy Erickson
  • Toshia Hylton
  • Kathy Evans

Continually sponsoring new PCs and new Consultants is essential to the health and growth of your organization. Sponsoring at the $150 or above level for PCs and $250 or above level for consultants is your "best practice," and it is the best value for your client/consultant. Your new PC earns a $50 free gift, and your new consultant earns a $100 free gift. Sponsoring at this level also counts toward your monthly cash bonus, so everyone wins!

These Consultants had Their "Personal Best" Month Since Promoting to DM or Above

  • Christine Enderby
  • Maureen McElroy
  • Kelly Simpson
  • Chris Messina

Achieving your personal best means you are growing a strong organization by sponsoring, meeting your personal goals, and helping your team to thrive. This category is focused on those consultants who have achieved District Manager or above, and who have a downline.

Strong Start Program Earners


  • Shirene Erickson

You have achieved level one and are entered into the Strong Start Program. This program is designed to reward you every step of the way as you build your organization. Enjoy your first gift, which is regognized throughout Arbonne as a symbol that you started your business out very strong and are destined to be a leader. You next reward is the coveted "Key Necklace." Achieve no less than $2500 in Successline volume this month, and sponsor no less than 3 consultants over the next 2 months and your rewards continue as you work toward becoming a District Manager.

Consultant Overrides & Cash Bonus Earners

  • Juvy Erickson (Overrides + $50 Cash Bonus)
  • Alex Oglesby (Overrides + $50 Cash Bonus)
  • Natalie Kelsall (Overrides Bonus)

This category is for those who have not yet reached DM, but with this strong start, you are destined to get there very soon! Congratulations ladies!!!

$200 DM Cash Bonus Earners

  • Maureen McElroy
  • Kelly Simpson

This category is for District Managers or above who sponsor at least 5 new PC or consultants at the $150 or above level and achieve at least $5000 in volume in their Central District.

$400 Area Manager Cash Bonus Earners

  • Kelly Simpson

This category is for Area Managers or above who sponsor at least 10 new PCs or Consultants at the $150 or above level, and do at least $20,000 in volume in their Central Area.


  • Commissions (15% - 35%)
  • Overrides (6% -- 18%)
  • Cash Bonuses ($200 -- $1200)
  • Incentive Bonuses (AIT Trips)
  • Regional Vice President Car Bonus
  • National Vice President Car Bonus

Building a strong business requires both product sales and sponsoring every month. Strive for $2500 in personal sales, and sponsor 5 new at a minimum of $150 each (Preferred Clients or Consultants). $2500 in sales can be accomplished by selling 4 Success Packs.

This video describes our generous compensation plan.

Arbonne simple breakdown of comp plan & management levels


We celebrate your success, and look forward to continued growth in February. Our Team goal this month is to go in qualification to become a Region. By reaching for this as a team we assure the promotions of several new District Managers, several new Area Managers in Qualification, and together every one moves one step closer to digging our toes in the sand in Maui at the NVP Retreat! Let's do this, TOGETHER!

Our personal goal for February is $2500 in personal volume which can be simply achieved with 4 Success Packs, ideally sold to 4 new consultants who join your team.