It Is Time to Refinance

Is Your Commercial Mortgage Rate Over 5.00%?

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1. Could you use an increase in your business cash flow?

We've learned that business owners often overlook the simplest way to increase their cash flow: a refinance.

2. Would you like to fix your mortgage rates during historic lows?

Today's five year fixed rate is as low as 4.25% with a 25 year amortization.

3. How would you like to consolidate your 1st and 2nd mortgage?

If you have the equity in your building, we can help you consolidate both mortgages into one payment.

4. Considering a new location?

Financing available up to 90% (only a 10% down payment required).

5. Are you looking for cash out for property improvements?

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Did You Know?

Occupying your commercial real estate property can give you an advantage when obtaining financing. It's similar to residential lending where your primary residence is easier to finance than your second home. If you occupy more than 51% of your commercial property, it is considered owner occupied.

Quorus Commercial specializes in providing financing to owner occupied businesses.

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Jon Kleven

Sample Financial Scenario

$1,000,000 Loan
20 - 25 Year Amortization
5 year fixed rate as low as 4.25%
Estimated Monthly Payment: $5,417

3, 5, 7, and 10 Year Fixed Options Available