Digital Citizenship Project

Brady F P.6

Rule#1: Digital Etiquette

Think before you post.

When you are about to post something read it before you post. Once you click send it out and you would not be able to delete it. Everything you post is always out there. If I were you I would think before you post.

Rule#2: Information Privacy

Don't share personal information.

Before you share you information you need to think about who is getting it. If you put in your private information to a random person you could be spammed.

Rule#3: Social Network

Always make sure your parents know what you're doing online.

Social Network is a way for people to communicate. There are lots of social networking out there. Before you long on a social networking site first ask for permission. Don't put any personal information.

Rule#4: Online Safety

Keep your identity secret.

If you want to do a web site you don't know about make a fake name. Make sure it doesn't have you age or your birth date. Be extra careful with strangers.

Rule#5: Cyberbullying

Sending bad messages.

This can include mean or bad messages on the internet. It is also proposing as someone else. If it is intended to make someone bad its cyberbullying. Some people don't even know its cyberbullying.

Rule#6: Plagiarism

Is the act of someone saying its there work when its not.

If you were in school or public and you found a paper that was not yours and sold you teacher its your work that plagiarism. It can also be to were you go to a website and copy it and send it that's another example.

Rule#7: Copyright

People who copy thing on the internet that's not theirs.

If someone copy's your music or games that you have made that is Copyright. Copyright was to make motivate people. If i were you don't copy any music or videos without permission.

When you are on the internet be very careful. If you click on an add it could put viruses on your computer. Viruses are what makes your computer a lot slower. Before logging on to something ask for your parents permission. Only post good thing on social media if you use it. I hope you learned a lot thanks for reading.