Digital Dialogue

for Students of Pasco County Schools

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Your Distance Learning Adventure Awaits!

Dear Pasco County students,

We hope you enjoyed your well-deserved Spring Break!

Your teachers miss seeing you and are working hard to help make the transition to distance learning go as smoothly as possible! We recognize that you may be feeling uncertain about what's ahead and we'd like to help you feel confident as you begin a new journey of learning online.

Whether you are new to online learning or have taken virtual courses in the past, please know that you have an army of caring instructors all working together to make this a fun and exciting learning experience for you. We are here for you and want everyone to feel prepared and successful. Embrace the challenges, keep in touch with your teachers, and give yourself the freedom to make mistakes. This shift is unprecedented, challenging, exciting, and important for both teachers and students.

Please read ahead for some helpful information about your online learning experience!

What Will I Need to Get Started?

Are you wondering what you can do now to help you feel prepared for your online courses? Getting yourself set up for success is an important part of the journey.

Tips For Your Workspace

  • Determine where you can be the most productive within your home.
  • When possible, find a quiet area, free from television/distractions.
  • Create a daily/weekly to-do list that is easily accessible in your space.
  • Use a schedule. A schedule is a great way to maintain focus and ensure your time is well managed.

Take some time to set up a positive, organized space for your work!

Create a Schedule that works for YOU!


Now that your courses have moved online, your schedule is suddenly more flexible. Try not to let time get away from you though! Click for steps, a printable schedule, and examples of how to create your personalized schedule.

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The Importance of Self-Care

Now that you're learning from home, it can be tempting to multitask. Or, you might find yourself working for really long periods of time, losing focus, or getting off task

Take Breaks!

  • Get up and move every hour. Whether you are 6 or 16, check out these tips to help you get moving every hour: 25 Ways to Get Moving at Home.
  • Build in 5-minute phone breaks (we all know it's tempting to get distracted and check your phone constantly).
  • Be sure to give yourself time to eat, exercise, play with your animals, or play a game!

Managing Tasks, Time, and Focus

myLearning: Where Can I Go For Help?

Working in myLearning and need help?

If you need help at any time or have a question, click on the Help button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Then there are several help options to choose from:

  • Ask Your Instructor a Question - is one of the ways to contact your instructor for help or questions.
  • Search the Canvas Guides - is a great place to learn more about how to use Canvas.
  • Report a Problem - is where you will report page errors and technical issues. Please be descriptive when filling out this form.

Communication Matters

Communicate with your teacher(s): Your teachers are still your teachers and WILL be there to help! You can email your teacher through myLearning (Canvas) or by using their district email account! Be sure to check the homepage of your Canvas courses and watch for announcements on each page as well! We recommend checking "Announcements" daily!

Find a Study Buddy: Studies have shown that students have a more positive and successful online course experience when they have a class buddy to call upon.

Some ideas for collaborating:

  • Set daily goals together
  • Check-in each day with your buddy
  • Discuss course readings
  • Develop a daily schedule
  • Share organization ideas

Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Stream

As you move through your courses, you may notice that some videos require you to log into your Office 365 account. Please read below for more information.

Note: A printable copy of the instructions can be downloaded below.

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"Smooth seas do not make skillful sailors." African Proverb

Let's be honest! Your recent transition to online learning is a BIG change. And, with significant change comes uncertainty and apprehension of what lies ahead. You may be feeling nervous about how you will complete your online work, how you will communicate and ask questions when you are unsure of a lesson, and missing your friends' smiling faces.

Instead of letting things get you down, try seeing this as an opportunity! An opportunity to develop an important life skill that you will utilize for many years to come. Perseverance.