Chemical and Physical Properties

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Chemical Property and Change

Chemical Properties

Chemical Properties - properties that describe its "potential" to undergo some chemical change or reaction by virtue or its composition( ex: flammability,[rusting] reactivity, acid, color, oxidation)

Chemical Changes

Chemical Changes- alters the composition of the original matter, the atoms are rearranged to make new & different compounds( ex: oxidation, permanant color change, solubility,gas)

Physical Property and Change

Physical Properties

Physical Properties- properties that can be observed or measured w/out changing the composition of matter( ex: appearance, texture, color odor solubility)

Physical Changes

Physical Changes- takes place w/out any changes in molecular composition , the same element or compound is present before and after the change( ex: melting, transition to gas, change of strength, crushing)

Chemical Reactions

Chemical Reactions- occurs when substances combine or breakdown to produce something new, accompanied by chemical change, difficult to reverse( signs: feel to touch, permanant change in color, production of gas, precipitation)
Reactants: chemicals that react
Products: new materials that are produced

Law of Conversation of Mass

Law of Conversation of Mass- Law that states the mass is neither created or destroyed in ordinary physical & chemical changes