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Should students who commit cyber bullying be suspended?

Should students who bully other students online be suspended?


Cyberbullying hurts everyone. It causes a lot of teens to commit suicide. I mean they should get suspended, what else are we going to do. We can't just send a student to jail unless it is threatening. Bullying is something that should be punished by being suspended even if it's not at school.

Don't self harm

A lot of people who are bullied or cyber bullied always tend to commit suicide or self harm. All over the world there are students who end up killing themselves. Some things the bully says isn't true but end up hurting the persons feelings.

Block the bully

If someone is bullying you online then maybe block them but have evidence that its been happening so if the bully makes anther account and bullies you then tell an adult but have screenshots. Or report them online like if its on Instagram you can always report them.

Expel the bully

If its a big problem then you should tell the principle and they can expel or suspend them because it is not cool to bully someone online or at school. A lot of people stop going to school because they are scared the bully might say something or hurt them. It is always right to tell.