By Dylan Sheil


Perseverance was all in the book Spare Parts the whole team had to preserve and problem solve to win and proceed in the competition. They did not let anything get in their way.The first adversity they faced was not having money so they asked companies to let them borrow parts to save money.

They would always come up with a way to fix the problem. For example, there was a box that had leakage so they put some tampons in the leaking box to collect the water That just shows how much they wanted to win they weren't going to let anything get in there way of trying their hardest.

Henry hudini

Another person who is a good example of perseverance is Henry Houdini. Henri Houdini was is one of the greatest magicians and escape artists ever. Harry Houdini always tried to make his performances as hard as he could whether that be being locked in a milk jug filled of water and locked with 6 padlocks or being handcuffed and jumping into a river and escaping. No one knew how he did it but before every performance they would check him and the cuffs so there would be no way out but still he managed to do it he didn't care how long it took because he always was able to escape. He just shows that no matter how hard something is there is always a way to overcome it when you put anoff time and effort into something.

Spare parts citation

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