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Do you have an interest in creating apps on your phone, making websites, programming robots, or designing video games? If so, check out our new program we are starting next year! Business Technology is changing to Computer Coding and Programming!

Computer Coding and Programming

This course introduces students to coding fundamentals through an approachable, block-based programming language where they will have early success in creating usable apps. As students sharpen their computational thinking skills, they will transition to programming environments that reinforce coding fundamentals by displaying block programming and text based programming style side-by-side. Finally, students will learn the power of text-based programming as they are introduced to the Python programming language.


1. We start from the very basic concepts, so students do not have to have any prior knowledge in computer coding and programming to participate in this program.

2. There is a huge demand for web developers in the Cape Girardeau area. This program prepares students to create websites and applications in order to meet the needs of our business and industry job market. Students will be placed in an internship during the second year of the program so they will receive real-world experience.

3. This program heavily covers block based programming through the MIT App Inventor (similar to Scratch, Google Blockly, or Snap), as well as text-based programming to give our students a wide variety of knowledge regarding computer coding and programming languages.

Student SpotLight from Business Tech: Megan Martin

What high school are you from? I am an adult student. I graduated from Advance High School last year.

What made you choose Business Technology? I enjoy working with computers and helping people. I took the first year of the program my senior year and continued the second year of the program as an adult student. I heard about the program from other friends at Advance that took classes at the CTC.

What are your plans when you finish this program? I am using the college credit I received for free from the Business Technology program and finishing my Associates of Applied Science degree at Cape College Center.

What have you learned that has made a difference to you? I have learned about all the programs businesses use on a daily basis. Because of this program I am more efficient at creating and designing websites as well as using Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

What advice do you have for a student considering being a student at the CTC? The CTC has a lot of programs to choose from. If it's something you want to do, give it a try. You can see what it's like and if you are going to like it as a full time career.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy going on 4-H trips, volunteering at Camp Re-NEW-al during the summer, and helping people.

Business Technology this year:

What Computer Coding and Programming will look like next year:

Construction Technology

Students will receive instruction and hands-on experience in hand and power tool safety, site prep and layout, footing and foundation forming, floor and wall framing, sheathing, window and exterior door installation and exterior wall finishes. The students will participate in various projects around the school district. Besides the hands on training, there will be extensive classroom work including math and communication arts. The students will also spend time being tested for basic job skills.


1. This is a two year program in which students will gain a basic understanding of the construction trades. We provide information about many phases of the building trades including: safety, foundations, concrete, floor, wall and roof framing, exterior and interior finishes, roofing, electrical and plumbing.

2. We do classroom work and shop work as well as projects for the school district. Included in the classroom work will be chapter lectures and assessments as well as construction math and writing. The students also have the opportunity to earn the OSHA 10 hour certification.

3. There is a growing need for construction workers everywhere in the country as building booms and carpenters retire. Even if a student decides on another career path, the skills learned in this class will follow them for life. Being able to repair and remodel your own home, or helping others is a great benefit.


What high school are you from? I am a junior at Leopold High School.

What made you choose this program? I work for

VanderMierden Construction over the summer. I enjoy working with my hands so I thought this would be a great program to do.

What are your plans after high school? I am weighing all the options. I'm looking into going straight to work, enlisting in the Army and being a Heavy Equipment Operator or Mingo Job Corp (because they have a Heavy Equipment Operator training that is free and they place you in a job after you finish their training). I would also like to own my own excavating business someday.

What have you learned that has made a difference to you? I have gained hands-on experience through this program. I come from such a small school so it's cool to meet new people from around the area.

What advice do you have for a student considering being a student at the CTC? Try out one of the programs if they interest you. You'll be able to find a good paying job when you complete the program.

What are your hobbies? I participate in basketball, Pep Club, and FBLA at Leopold. I also like to hunt, fish and trap.

Graphic Arts

Graphic Arts is designed to give students the opportunity to experience the many facets of the Graphic Design/Offset Printing industry through classroom and hands-on techniques. Students will utilize Adobe Photoshop C6, Adobe Illustrator C6, Adobe InDesign C6, and will be given the opportunity to design and print products used by local school districts, including programs, fliers, brochures, stationery, envelopes, and much more. In addition to paper products, students will be given the opportunity to learn the basics of screen printing including but not limited to creating the image, setting up the equipment, and printing the product.


1. You don't have to be artistic to be in this class.

2. Job possibilities include being a freelance graphic artist, web designer, web press operator, photo editor, and many more.

3. Students will operate and work in our in-house print shop where they will do screen printing as well as design and print actual products used by local school districts, such as flyers, envelopes, brochures, stationary, etc.


What high school are you from? I am a junior at Kelly High School.

What made you choose Graphic Arts? I thought this would be a fun experience. I have always enjoyed art and being creative and wanted to learn more about how to use different programs. I learned about this program when the CTC counselor showed the video at my school.

What are your plans when you finish this program? I don't really know yet. I am going to explore different options my senior year and see what is best for me.

What have you learned that has made a difference to you? I have learned a lot about PhotoShop and Illustrator. There are so many options on both programs and it can be overwhelming if you don't know what they all are. I know how to use both programs really well now.

What advice do you have for a student considering being a student at the CTC? Don't take the class just because your friends are. Take it because you are truly interested in it. Even if none of your friends from your high school are taking it, you'll meet all kinds of people from other schools.

What are your hobbies? I enjoy anything to do with art and hanging out with my dog.

The Cape Career and Technology Center was recently recognized for twenty years of active participation and service in the Cisco Networking Academy!

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