Operation K.I.T.E

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This Blueprint shows the mesurements,shape,dowells, and decor such as the streamers. Judging by the durible material used I think that my kite will fly.

Making a K.I.T.E

The materials I made my kite with and the materials that you will need to make your kite are a large sheet of paper or a trash bag, wooden sticks, string, tape, scissors, and a marker. If you want to make your kite fancy then you might want to consider using some streamers, some markers, and even paint!

Making a K.I.T.E Continued...

To start, make sure all your materials are layed out and organized. Take the  paper/trashbag and lay it flat. Mark your starting point. Use the ruler to mark your middle guidance point. Mark your top guidance point. (Start to mid:12in. Mid to top:8in.) Then do the same for the other side. With the scissors, cut out the guidance lines.