Mrs. Smith's Scoop

March 10th Weekly Newsletter

Kimberly Smith

Lower School Teacher
Skype: icademyksmith

Work Samples

Remember to turn in your work samples to your homeroom teacher so they can see some of the wonderful writing you are doing. You can save them as a PDF or JPEG. Then you can attach them to a kmail.

Progress Goals

Important Dates

March 14th-Teacher Inservice Day

April 14-21st-Spring Break

Mid Term Dates

50% is your goal at semester in all courses:)

Term 5 ~ March 10, 2014

Term 5a ~ March 17, 2014

Term 5lsa ~ March 21, 2014

Term 5lsb ~ March 28, 2014

Term 6 ~ April 7, 2014

Attendance expectations for FULL TIME students at semester:

K-2 360 hours

3-8 450 hours

Part time hours will vary.

**Mid Year Progress Reports will be sent at semester.**

Kids Corner

Journal and Weekly Riddle

Journal Topic:

March 2 is Dr. Seuss day. In honor of that, what is your favorite Dr. Seuss book and why?

Riddle of the Week:

Q. What does not ask questions but must be answered?

Answer to Last Week’s Riddle:

Q. What kind of fish goes great with peanut butter?

A. Jelly Fish

Send your guesses to me or wait until next week for the answer :)

Class Connect Recording Links

Math+ Blue

Language Skills Blue

Math+ Green

Language Skills Green

Language Skills Orange (PG 1) Math Orange (PG 2)

Math+ Purple

Language Skills 3

Math+ Red

Language Skills 4

Math+ Yellow

Language Skills 5

American History A

Science K2

Science 3-5

iCadmey has a Pinterest Page

Are you a fan of Pinterest? If not, now might be the time to become one. We have our own k12 International Academy page with several Lower School Boards! Come take a peek!