Genetically Modified Wheat

Triticium Aestivum

History- When and Where wheat was first modified.

Genetically Modified wheat first appeared in the United States in 1994-2010. GM wheat has also popped up in Canada, Argentina, Japan, China, Australia and Switzerland.

US & World Production of wheat

In the year of 2005 the world produced just over 600 million tons of wheat. In the States wheat is the #1 crop grown by farmers, and with all these farmers growing the crop 88% of it is genetically modified.

You ask.. "Why the crop is genetically modified?"

Wheat is usually modified to try and be resistant to a fungai. The funai known as Fusarium is a disease typically found in this crop.
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How wheat is genetically modified

Some scientists have tried to modify wheat to be more resistant to fungi disease by introducing genes from other plants encoding enzymes like chitanese (also found in various invertebrates)