Bipolar Disorder

By, Jessica Jackway

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  • 20 percent of teens experience depression or other mood disorders
  • Bipolar disorder is a hereditary disease.
  • Bipolar-ism has many symptoms like:

*feeling out of control

*thinking that there is no hope for the future

*feeling weak or tired

*frequently talking about death, suicide, or self injury (and many more).

  • Bipolar-ism affects your emotional self and can leave you exhausted, panicky, teary, and/or desperate.
  • Your mood might go from low and despairing, to extremely happy and hypersensitive in a snap of a finger.
  • Bipolar-ism can also affect you physically like making you feel week, tired, unexplained headaches, stomach ailments, and/or back pains.
  • Though children are diagnosed with Bipolar-ism, it more frequently appears in teens and continues throughout life.
  • Males and Females are equally able to be diagnosed for Bipolar-ism.