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Your end of year resource update

Hello lovely NDA faculty and staff,

With summer just around the corner, I am certain your first thoughts on May 30 will be, "How can I best utilize my summer to conduct serious research and improve the content my students access?" --Okay, probably not.

Gale Cengage--the publishers who bring us Questiaschool, Gale Virtual Reference, and all of the "In Context" databases (i.e. Global Issues IC, US History IC, World History IC, Biography IC, Opposing Viewpoints IC.... review here for more details) have added some great new features.

With NDA's push for critical thinking, Common Core's emphasis on non-fiction readings and this librarian's soap box for information literacy, you owe it to yourself to give these sources a test spin. Read below to learn more about Gale's improvements and how they will enhance your information experience. As always, you are invited to the Resource Center any time for a personal or class demonstration on utilizing Gale, or any other SRC resource.

Also, this edition of the SRC updates features a hobby near and dear to my heart-- hording library cards. Why settle for one, when you can have more?

Finally, be on the look out for many not-so-subliminal hints designed to get you using your iPad to access Overdrive . You have been warned.

See it's not all serious research; you could download something you actually WANT to read.

What's NEW with GALE?

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Updating References and Resources page using Pearltrees

Many moons ago, I created subject guides on the "References and Resources" page of the site. These subject guides, while containing a carefully curated collection of fantastic web sites, was in need of a much more 2015 face lift.

To that end, parents and student volunteers help me transfer these websites to a new NDA_Librarian Pearltrees page. See Collection here. It's a work in progress, so be patient.

In case you wanted to know, Pearltrees is a visual and collaborative tool that allows users to collect organize and share websites they find online-... kind of like pinterest, only a bit more serious and with multiple layers of organization. Short Video here. Oh, and it comes with an iPad app.

As the subject area specialist for your content area, I need your help. First, I am attempting to organize these pages into meaningful tabs to make browsing easier for students. If you'd love to collaborate, or have suggestions, I welcome your input. Second, I am always on the look out for new content to add. If you have sites you wish your students used more often, let me know to add it to the collection.

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Library Cards: Don't leave for the summer without them

I am on a not-so secret mission to hold as many library cards as I possibly can-- and you can be too!
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Bonus Scoop

You've made it to the bottom of this newsletter, which means you win the special prize.

You get to be the first to know:

1) Next year, we will be swapping Biography in Context for Science in Context. Biography in Context can still be accessed through TLCPL. In addition to your typical database fare (journals, multimedia content, etc.) Science in Context features labs.

2) If you don't yet use Overdrive, you really should. I can help you set up an account any time. In less than five minutes you can be reading a free eText, enjoying a free audio book, browsing a free magazine, watching a free movie... you get the idea. Trust me, if my 4 year old can use Overdrive, you can too.

3) Our Gale Cengage rep. would really love to meet with you and/or your department. She can arrange for product demonstrations designed to help you get the most out of these database products. If you'd like, I can make arrangements or get you her contact info.