Video Games of 2013

Top 5

#5 Assassins Creed 4: Black Flag

Have you ever wanted to be a pirate, well in this game you can. Assassins creed games are know for stealth, but in this game being a destructive pirate is the more suggested route. I like this game because of its fun and exiting nature.

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#4 Super Mario 3D World

This may be the year of Luigi but his brother shines this year. Being the sequel to 3D Land it lives up to it's expectations. Including a brand new interesting story, new power ups, multiplayer, and unlock-able levels and games. I like this game because of it's many qualities and fun factor.

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#3 Killzone: Shadow-Fall

Being only the 4th entry to it's series, Killzone: Shadow-Fall blows it's predecessors out of the water. This shooter game isn't typical to the shooter genre because of it's complex story and game-play. This game has a great story, fun multiplayer, and interesting mechanics. I like this game because of it's intriguing story, intense multiplayer, and fun game-play.

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#2 The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds

For many people, the Zelda series needed to go back to it's non-linear roots. And this game delivers that and much more. With a brilliant and nostalgic story, interesting characters, hours upon hours of things to explore and do, and amazing new mechanics, its not hard to see how this landed #2. I like this game because I love Zelda games, nostalgia, and just it being a Zelda game that was like the originals.

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#1 Fire Emblem: Awakening

Oh how I love this game. If you have a Nintendo 3DS, then you probably have this game, its that good. This game is practically perfect in every way a game can be. This game has a perfect and nostalgic story, perfect character development, a absolutely beautiful soundtrack, amazing 3D graphics, hours upon hours upon hours of things to do, and great game-play mechanics. This gave even let's you play as characters from the old Fire Emblem games! And a game has to be good if your writing a novel based on it. In the end, why I like this game is because everything about it was done right. I don't know whats to come of the Fire Emblem series from here, but something tells me nothing can top this one.

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