BY: Maria Inarrito

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E.coli is also known as Pathogen. The bacteria sometimes lives in the intestines of healthy people and animals. People all round the world could be exposed by water or food.

came from

There so many possible places where it could come from. Some people say it could come from farms, factories, or stores. We will never really know where it actually comes from. It could come from multiple places.


Bloody watery poop and puking drink lots of fluids

The causes

the causes for e.coli are like any other disease, causing bacteria. E.coli can cause damage to the lining of the small intestine. People have to make sure the foods they are eating is safe.

The treatment

The treatment people get are lots and i mean lots of rest sometimes fluids to help prevent dehydration,fatigue and therapy including hydration.There is no vaccine for this disease.


Outbreaks in clover sprouts, ground beef, frozen foods, cookie dough also in salads. there could be lot more but these are more common ones.
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The people that let us know when there is an out break by the news or or the news paper. the state decides to let people know if there is an outbreak. people all around the world have to make sure the water is safe and food. If an infected person should stay home from? Check with local health department.


48 million people, roughly get sick from it and die. people are not watching what they are eating so they get really sick, even contaminated food.

after exposure

E.coli last 3-4 days after the exposure. If your really sick it could take a week or you can even die from it. Otherwise E.coli last for maximum 3-4 day

producing E.coli

What is producing E.coli? Shiga toxin is producing E.coli. The bacteria that makes toxins, while producing E.coli.


Their is no vaccine or medication that can protect you from E.coli based on the illness. try to avoid risky foods. Make sure there is no contamination in the food or water.

similar disease

Enteroxoigenic Escherichia is the same thing as E.coli but a more complicated name. Enteroxoigenic Escherichia is kind of more risky, but not that bad.


Has there been outbreaks in Iowa? Since 2006-2012 there has been outbreaks. 6 year different, imagine 6*2 =12 well each year there would be 2 outbreaks each year, i don't really know the exact numbers.

risk factors

young children are at higher risk of getting E.coli. Adults are still at risk but not that much as children. But still make sure to be safe.