Richmond Heights Secondary School

Google Classroom/Blizzard Bag Resource Page

A Note from Mrs. Brown

Parents & Guardians,

As you all are well aware, Governor DeWine has mandated that all Ohio schools remain closed until May 1st and then will re-evaluate its status due to the COVID-19 crisis. Here at the Richmond Heights Local Schools, we remain committed to providing students and families with all of the resources to access their Digital Learning. Being that we are a Google district, our primary platform for learning is that of Google Classroom. If by chance you don't have internet connectivity, we will provide paper supplements for your child. We will do what it takes to ensure this time out of school does not mean a loss in student learning.

Our teachers remain committed to their craft and are working tirelessly to provide fun interactive lessons, videos of them instructing, and face to face virtual classes while maintaining contact with families. Moreover, we hope that you and your family remain safe during this time and know that when this is all over your school district will be here to bring a sense of normalcy and balance to our students lives.

Please note that all of the Google Classroom Codes are for student access. Please email your child's individual teacher to be "invites" to the class as a parent.

We are in this together!!!

Marnisha Brown

Richmond Heights Secondary School Building Office Hours

The Secondary School will be open weekly Monday- Wednesday from 7am- 3pm. We will be closed for the next few weeks as we reach the APEX of the COVID-19 virus, after which, we will resume the the hours above.

Daily Schedule and Virtual Office Hours

Below is a weekly schedule your child should follow to offer structure to what can be overwhelming as they have transitioned to online learning as well as a means for you to monitor their progress in any given subject area. We also have provided Virtual Office Hours for parents that may need to reach out to staff to assist students while they are engaged in their learning. This by no means supersedes the communication and rapport that you have already built with your child's teacher.

Weekly Class Schedule for Middle/High School

  • Monday




  • Tuesday

World Languages


Social Studies


  • Wednesday




  • Thursday

World Languages


Social Studies


  • Friday




Directed Studies


  • Virtual Office Hours- will be times that you are available via email for parents/students to answer any questions from 9-10 & 1-2 on any day for your subject is identified on the schedule.

  • Please note that your child's submission of assignments and participation in discussion will serve as their attendance. If you are in need of a device, please contact the Secondary School's Office.

From the Desk of Mrs. Meintel- Community Resources

Resource List

Abuse and Crisis Assistance:

  • Child Abuse Hotline: 216-696-KIDS

  • Rape Crisis Hotline: 216-619-6194, 24/7 Crisis and Support Hotline: 216-619-6192

  • Mobile Crisis-24/7 Suicide Prevention Hotline: 216-623-6888

  • Poison Control Center: 216-231-4455

  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255

  • Alcohol, Drug Addiction, & Mental Health Services: 216-241-3400

Emergency Food and Shelter Needs:

  • MACE Islamic Center Richmond Heights (Food Pantry every 4th Thursday) – 440-347-9930

  • Greater Cleveland SPAN Ministries (Food Pantry) – 216-675-3992

Resources and Services:

  • Richmond Heights Police Department (non-emergency) 216-486-1234

  • UH Richmond’s Residents Clinic – 440-585-6385

  • Richmond Heights Library - 440-449-2666

  • Power Outages Call CEI – (800) 589-3101

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Attention: Homework Help

If your child needs tutoring for any of their subjects, we have you covered. Introducing our Virtual Tutoring compliments of our 21st Century- Rise Up Club. These sessions will take place via Google Meet at 3 pm daily. Feel free to reach out to any of our teacher tutors listed below:

Tim King

Delbert Patterson

Ronica Dillions

Alyssa Thorpe

Marady Chhay

Donna Ward

*All of their emails are listed above.

Please contact Ms. Trescott, Director of 21st Century for more details.

This Is How to Contact Us!!!

Email Addresses for Richmond Heights Secondary School


Monday and Wednesday

The Richmond Heights School Bus will be at the following locations delivering bagged lunches;

· Loganberry Pool Parking Lot at 11:00 a.m.

· The Community Park Gazebo near The 444 Apartments at 11:25 a.m.

· Desan Park at 11:50 a.m.

After the mobile stops, the food service department will return to the Richmond Heights Middle School and provide food for families from 12:15pm- 1pm

A.P. English, Psychology, A.P. US History- Mrs. Grady

Google Classroom Codes

AP ENGLISH glmn76f

AP US zsrnojk

PSY xul7sbz

7th & 8th Grade Reading- Mrs. Groman

Google Classroom Codes

  • Period 1: te1jyn

  • Period 2: ie1190p

  • Period 3: 1663a4

  • Period 5: 7b8o26p

  • Period 6: ch76wq

NewsELA Log-in Codes

  • Period 1: 5RGDK6

  • Period 2: ZTHMTH

  • Period 3: VT3DP9

  • Period 5: D3YVNU

  • Period 6: 5R8M5E

  • Period 7: XQYXK

English 9- Mrs. Davey

English 9 Assignments

Night by Elie Wiesel

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas by John Boyne

April 1st---May 1st

· Students will be sent the assignments via school email the Friday beforehand

· Submissions may be through google docs or by notebook paper/pictures sent through email

· It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to keep up-to-date on assignments and communicate effectively with Mrs. Davey regarding questions and/or issues as they arise.

· Assessment scores will be posted within ProgressBook; if you need assistance accessing the online gradebook, please contact Mrs. McConnell at 216.692.0097

· If you did not receive the second book on March 16th in school, Mrs. McConnell has your copy OR I can send you the text link and it may be read online.

· If you are a student receiving MODIFIED assignments from Miss Ashford, please address her with being sent specific assignments to complete.



Due Date

April 1

Dehumanization Prompt

W 4/1/20

April 2

Chapter 4—Cause/Effect Task

R 4/2/20

April 3

Chapter 5—Questions

F 4/3/20

April 6-7

Chapters 6-7—questions

T 4/7/20

April 8-9

Chapter 8-9—questions and survival prompt

R 4/9/20

April 14

Evidence for the Comparison of the European Holocaust Camps and the Japanese Internment Camps on U.S. Soil—article will be Home was a Horse Stall by Jim Carnes

T 4/14/20

April 15-17

Camp Comparison Essay

F 4/17/20


April 20-21

Read the Introduction Info Handout, Ch. 1-2 questions and prompt

T 4/21/20

April 22

Chapter 3 prompt

W 4/22/20

April 23-24

Chapters 4-6 questions

F 4/24/20

April 27

Chapter 7 questions and prompt

M 4/27/20

April 28

Chapter 8 prompt

T 4/28/20

April 29

Chapter 9-10 Questions

W 4/29/20

April 30

Chapter 11 Prompt

R 4/30/20

May 1

Chapter 12-13 Questions

F 5/1/20

English 10- Mrs. Davey

English 10 Assignments

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

April 2nd---May 1st

· Students will be sent the assignments via school email the Friday beforehand

· Submissions may be through google docs or by notebook paper/pictures sent through email

· It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to keep up-to-date on assignments and communicate effectively with Mrs. Davey regarding questions and/or issues as they arise.

· Assessment scores will be posted within ProgressBook; if you need assistance accessing the online gradebook, please contact Mrs. McConnell at 216.692.0097



Due Date

April 2-3

Chapters 8-11—Questions

S 4/5/20

April 6-8

Chapters 12-13—Prompts (2)

W 4/8/20

April 9

Chapter 14—Prompt

R 4/9/20

April 10

Ch. 14 extension—children lying prompt/article

F 4/10/20

April 14

Chapter 15—Prompt

T 4/14/20

April 15

Ch. 15 extension—mob mentality prompt/article

W 4/15/20

April 16-17

Chapter 16—Questions & prompt

F 4/17/20

April 20-21

Chapters 17-18—Questions

T 4/21/20

April 22-24

Chapters 19-21—Questions

F 4/24/20

April 27-May 1

Parallel Essay—Scottsboro Trial of the 1930s to the Tom Robinson trial within the novel

F 5/1/20

Mrs. Davey- Theatre

Ms. Gecina

Ms. Gecina Google Classroom Codes:

Honors PreCalculus: w6xtbyg

PreCalculus: xbp3e4c

Honors Algebra 1: 6t3ss5g

Algebra 1 - 6th Period: xzn5dsa

Gecina/Shenkelman Google Classroom Code:

Algebra 1 - 3rd Period: orlr35g

Ms. Kisner- Geometry, AQR

Google Classroom Codes

1st period AQR: mtdnzyp

2nd period Geometry: iwnrkgn

3rd period Honors Geometry: zyo3bsu

6th period Geometry: c3y2342

7th period AQR: 64b4d65

8th period Geometry: qsgqvea

Chemistry, Forensic Science, Environmental Science- Mr. Serowik

Google Classroom Codes

1st Period Chemistry - lglsccj

2nd Period Forensic Science - xdbzpwa

3rd Period Environmental Science - iighwyk

4th Period Chemistry - ar5j77m

6th Period Forensic Science - c25th3m

7th Period Honors Chemistry - ngq23b1

Biology & Physical Science- Ms. Dillions

Google Classroom Codes

1st Period - ivrte7e

2nd Period - hfic7gg

5th Period - aoyd2qc

6th Period - fm2m5go

7th Period - ng7h66s

8th Period - 2r3ekz3

Credit Recovery & Employability Skills- Mr. Patty

Google Classroom Codes

Employment Skills/Career Exploration


ARC/Credit Recovery


Mr. Delgado- Government, Economics, Af. Am. Studies

Google Classroom Codes

· Economics- Idkkh4s

· US History- 4jmmyey

· African American History-x4qi6sl

Health, Phy. Education & Team Sports- Mr. Quartieri

Google Classroom Codes


class code - 54lcyj2

Physical Education

class code - zhucvjm

Team Sports

class code - niabeo6

7th & 8th Grade Math- Mr. Alcantar

Google Classroom Codes

1st Period (7th grade): 4wt7lpp

2nd Period (7th grade): k4zy3ao

3rd Period (7th grade): dnkmvqi

5th Period (8th grade): wasdpgd

7th Period (8th grade): evghtoj

8th Period (8th grade): mny4n5n

7th & 8th Grade Science- Mr. Grande

Google Classroom Codes

7th Grade Classes

1st Period - yvw4jyq

2nd Period - hdr75zn

3rd Period - ssigpm3

8th Grade Classes

5th Period - jviro3v

7th Period - fwbm3iz

8th Period - 2nmk2t2

7th & 8th Grade Social Studies- Ms. Thorpe

Google Classroom Codes

1st period: tj2zguy

2nd period: d46ckca

3rd period: p7ck3ce

5th period: tld4m3w

7th period: as2feir

8th period: b6w4lyh

AVID- Ms. King

English 7 & 8- Ms. Hawthorne

Here are the Google Classroom codes for each ELA class.
ELA 8th grade -period 1

ELA 8th grade -period 2

ELA 8th grade -period 3

ELA 7th grade -period 5

ELA 7th grade -period 7

ELA 7th grade -period 8

Art Classes- Ms. Tizzano

Art Class Codes for Google Classroom

Period 1 Drawing

Code: jhz6qdk

Period 3 Painting

Code: 7afugm5

Period 4 Art 1 and 2

Code: 3i3gaei

Period 6 Middle School Art 7

Code: yobdzvo

Period 7 Painting72

Code: zjovo4z

Period 8 Middle School Art 8

Code: 4y3wu57

H. Algebra 2, Algebra 2, Intro. to Programming, AP CSP, Qunat. Reasoning- Mr. Patterson

Google Classroom Codes

HPPZZNL- Algebra 2 A group

VBMJDLY Hon Algebra 2

LMNPY76- Algebra 2 Excellent group

UI2HVU3- Intro to Programming

NAZK3XA- Computer Science Principles

Band/Music- Mr. Davis

World History & Sociology- Mr. Miller

Google Classroom Codes

  • 1st Period: owdlkes - World History
  • 3rd Period: 5bxfiz6 - WOrld History
  • 4th Period: g2h77tf- Sociology
  • 7th Period: br7ezlf- World History

Directed Studies- Mr. King

Google Classroom Code: v42spbl

The website is;

Enter "oh2866" for the school code.

Students were sent their logins and passwords

  • Monday, April 6 - ELA/Reading Assessment #1; Science Assessment #1
  • Tuesday, April 7 - Math Assessment #1
  • Wednesday, April 8 - ELA/Reading Assessment #2; Science Assessment #2
  • Thursday, April 9 - Math Assessment #2; Question of the Day; Weekly Summary

  • Friday, April 10 - No Instruction Day

  • Monday, April 13 - No Instruction Day
  • Tuesday, April 14 - Math Assignment #1/Social Studies Assignment #1
  • Wednesday, April 15 - ELA/Reading Assignment #2; Science Assignment #2
  • Thursday, April 16 - Math Assignment #2/Social Studies Assignment #2
  • Friday, April 17 - Question of the Day; Weekly Summary

English 11, English 12, ELA Foundations, ACT Foundations- Mrs. Mulcahy

Mrs. Mulcahy’s

Google Classroom Codes

English 11:

1st Period = j5mf3p5

7th Period = vm3uzrL

English 12:

2nd Period = 2fresgk

5th Period = dLLbzb7

ELA Foundations:

3rd Period = mu25dqz

ACT Prep:

4th Period = 6caer5o

World Languages- Ms. Nelson

Our World Languages course is all virtual. Students will continue their work online and contact with their online instructor. Also, feel free to contact Ms. Nelson if you have questions. Please see the Proximity Learning Parent Observer flyer to stay connected to your child's learning.

Students MUST login every Tuesday and Thursday

English Foundations- Mrs. Chhay

Google Classroom Codes

Middle school: eyv7fzl

High School: ot6lwmy

Directed Studies- Mr. Shenkelman

Google Classroom Codes

Directed Studies 4th Period


Directed Studies 7th Period


Directed Studies- Ms. Ashford

Google Classroom Code


Percussion- Mr. McWilliams

Google Classroom Code


Directed Studies- Mrs. Rossman

Google Classroom Code


Directed Studies/Life Skills- Ms. Collins

Google Classroom Code


Directed Studies/Life Skills- Mr. Lane

Google Classroom Code