World War II

Evan Trevino - 4

WWII how it all started

A war started by the hatred of one German, Adolf Hitler and the ending of WWI. Germany was most affected by the ending of WWI going into inflation and its own people hating it. Adolf Hitler was one of the main contributor to the war and the the bill cast upon Germany.


Adolf Hitler had a burning hatred for the Jews and theirs many explanations but there just speculation on how he really hated them most likely he was crazy and mentally disturbed but what went on in those camps were more than horrifying a soldier ounce stated about barging in and almost throwing up on the ground seeing all the dead and starved bodies and people just barely clinging on to life. At these camps there was only 2 ways out death or a miracle for some people that miracle never either died of starvation or taking part in one of Hitler "experiments" plus in the camps they played Hitler propaganda comercials on loop every day and night just to push more and more to the break of insanity.
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the ending

the ending of world war II was more than heart breaking after Hitler committed suicide Germany lost but japan would not give up the bombing of pearl habor only enraged our countries blood lust that's when america made the worst weapon of all time the atom bomb they dropped the unholy bomb on japan nearly the whole city was turned to dust and so were there people america did not feel like they were winning they were just as bad as the camps japan unfortunately wouldn't give up and still fought america launched another bomb bigger than the last over 100 lives were lost in only a flick of a finger japan surrendered but at the greatest cost of anyone's life they stand down.
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