kristina Belen Karen

droughts Main issues

droughts affect many parts of the enviroment , It can affect plants, vegitation wildlife and people. It cause a lot of affect on farmers in economic ways, it can cause more wildfires. Drought affects the loss of human life.

first article

this article is about how there is different types of droughts. The Meteorological drought is a long-term percipitation , the lack of percipitation that make a dry spell an official drought. Hydrological drought refers to dificiencies and subsurface water suplies. Agricultural droughts when there isnt a lot of moisture in the soil for crops.

second article

drought can be very serious and dangerous to human and wilflife. A lot of wildlife can die because they need water , crops die and dry out. People can lose their job if there job was selling plants .


1.what are 2 main issues with your topic? It causes economic issues and doesn't allow people to use that much water.

2.Discuss the negative effect in the enviroment? It kills plants and animals doesnt let crops grow, because it doesn't rain.

3.What are the main region or areas in or nearest to North America affected by your issue? you can get a drought anywhere it it does not rain in a long period of time

4.What wildlife is more affected by your issue? Animals and plants

5.How are the wildlife affected by this issue? They dont recive as much water that they need to survive.

6.Does this issue affect our life in league city? yes it has before in 2010 we could not use a lot of water.

7. Are people affected by this? yes, because you cant use that much water and crops get damaged.

8.Who or what causes this issue to occur? it can occur by not recieving rain over a long period of time.

9. what are the solutions that people have came up with? they dont use that much water.

10. can your group come up with any ideas for a new solution to this problem? not wasting water supplies till it rains again.