June Special - Thirty One Gifts

Ganese Corkum, Independent Consultant, Thirty One Gifts

Awesome Special for the Month of June!

With just a $35 purchase you can get our #1 selling item - The LARGE UTILITY TOTE - for just $10! And just for the month of June it is available in the new summer print "Fun Flops"!

Here are 31 Uses for the Large Utility Tote!

31 Uses for the Large Utility Tote – MY FAVORITE ITEM!

1. Leave in car with blankets, hat, gloves, etc.

2. Items for the younger kids to keep them entertained

3. Picnics or beach items for the family

4. Carry vegetables from garden

5. Sam’s, Costco, etc. shopping

6. Knitting Clubs (holds yarn, needles etc.)

7. Great place to store toys in between the two bucket seats of any car

8. Beach bag-- towels, lotions, food, etc.

9. Transport party supplies to school, holiday parties, etc.

10. Carry Christmas presents

11. Food to church gatherings

12. Dirty shoes in vehicle

13. Consultant’s Tote

14. Sports equipment

15. Tailgating

16. Scrapbooking

17. The GREEN alternative to shopping bags

18. Using it for laundry – One tote for each family member makes putting away laundry a breeze!

19. Moving box

20. “Trunk” for SUV’s

21. Weekend trips

22. Rolled up towels, blankets, etc. for guest bath/bedroom

23. Gift wrapping supplies

24. Yard Sales

25. Board games

26. Playground equipment for teachers

27. Bottom of closet organizer

28. Carrying in firewood

29. Quick 5 min clean up

30. Bring to the beach

31. Toy or book bin

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