Merry Christmas from the Kellums

And Happy New Year!

I write this introductory note as sort of an apology.

When I started posting on Facebook several years ago, I intended to use it as a way to get in touch with my family and friends around the country. It soon evolved into a way to capture what was going on in the life of my family... an online scrapbook, so-to-speak. When I scrapbook, I mostly focus on the highlights of the year and use it as a way to look back on the good times. I think it's important to do this, but I've started to realize what my friends are seeing is mostly the good. For instance, I always use the best picture for the post... the one where everyone is smiling and has their eyes open. What you don't see is what just happened behind the scenes. One child is mad because she didn't know we were going to be photographed and wasn't prepared. Another child being fussed at for looking at his phone. And a mom who gets mad at her husband right after the picture shoot. That's more of the ongoing reality of our family. I'm sorry for ever portraying that we "have it all together", because we don't. But I'm thankful that we love, forgive, and grow.... even if we don't do it perfectly.

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Other Unused Family Christmas Photos Through The Years...

2015 In Review


This year was full of ups and downs. This summer was full of fun and I really enjoyed being in Florida and relaxing. Even though I got a sun burn, it was fun. Soccer took up most of the year. We started the fall season by adding some new players. We did okay. We started with a few loses but pulled out strong in the end. At our last practice I unfortunately sprained my ankle and wasn’t able to play in our last game. Im so happy that I get a two month break and get to rest, but I am itching to get back out on the field. The school year has been going well, and I cant wait to get to high school. I have enjoyed spending some time with family over the holidays. Christmas could not come any faster. Some changes will occur these next few months, including my birthday, soccer, and high school (touring and figuring out schedules). I'm pretty set on what I want to do when I'm older so that will make things a little easier. Im excited to see my siblings grow (and some hopefully move out) but I'm excited to see what this new year brings and to see how I will grow.


This year has been a big transition in going from middle school to high school. I started my freshman year at Franklin Central High School. This year I have dealt with some intense knee issues. I haven’t been able to play soccer with my team, but am expecting to this spring. I recently had arthroscopic surgery on my knees to hopefully resolve the problem. My knee problems have allowed me to partake in different opportunities that I would have otherwise had to pass up like joining my school’s student council, church choir, and becoming a member of an all girls acapella singing group. Though this year was hard, I have a good attitude and outlook for 2016.


I’m a senior at Franklin Central. I’m involved in track. It’s pretty fun. I play soccer a lot- I like playing with my friends. My indoor team is undefeated. I get a hat trick at almost every game. I still don’t know where I want to go to college. I am looking forward to my last semester of my senior year.


I am a having a good time at college even though I stil live at home. I’m pursuing an internship in engineering this summer. Even though I’ve loved going to Mexico, I want to get an internship in the engineering field.


2015 has found itself ranking with some of the most challenging years of my life. This is largely due to the Health Coaching Program I completed this year. While I loved my school, teachers, and all that I have learned, it was a lot of work and I'm pretty drained. I've continued to work full time as the receptionist at South Creek Elementary. I've continued to mother four teenaged children. Savannah's physical issues have weighed heavily on us. I took several college visits with Noah and spent endless hours nagging him to get essays written and applications completed... realizing, in the end, that this accomplished nothing and that God continues to be in control. (Of course, he got all the applications in on time and was accepted to each of those schools where he applied.) Though I would say it was a difficult year, it was also good in so many ways. I have sweet memories with family and have countless things to be thankful for! I look forward to a new year that will include growth, joy, and a little rest!


These days, every year seems to pass too quickly. And each year holds many of the same things from previous years as well as some new experiences and challenges. Looking back over this year, a few things stand out to me that were new in some way – more trips to doctors and PT, a bit more travel for work, trying my hand at woodworking which resulted in a new dining table, and trying to help a different child look toward college next year. Through it all, I’m reminded of a couple of things I’m especially thankful for this year, those are God’s assurances of His faithfulness to me and the goodness of His plan for each of us, and the love of my wife and children. I hope each of you is able to enjoy this Christmas season, giving thanks for the old and new things in your life.

Enjoy Celebrating Jesus this Season!

With Love,

The Kellums