The Tiger Tribune

November 16, 2016

PHS Presents: The Man Who Came to Dinner

By: Dillon Battles

The PHS Theater Guild proudly performed their take on The Man Who Came To Dinner this past Thursday and Saturday. The Man Who Came to Dinner was written by Moss Hart and George Kaufman. This comedic drama is about the Stanley family and their famous guest Sheridan Whiteside, played by Michael Davis. Whiteside injures himself by slipping on ice and becomes an unexpected house guest, until everything starts to go downhill!

I had the privilege of being a part of the fall play for the first time, I played Richard Stanley and loved every second of it. The cast and crew would say the same thing, that getting all your lines down is pretty tough, but not as tough as those with the lead roles. After several long, hard months of rehearsals, we finally were ready for the night of the first show. Both showings were a huge success! Special thanks to Mr. Morman, PHS drama instructor and play director.

What are you THANKFUL for?

By: Parker Straight

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It's a time for thanks and for giving. The Tiger ENews Crew, Parker, Dillon and Bradley, asked kids from kindergarten to high school (as well as a few teachers) what they are thankful for.

I am thankful for...

Casey C: People serving in the military.

Mrs. Clements: My family.

Jenna: Trampolines!

Skyler P: Having awesome jeans.

Andie S: My family and community.

Austin S: Pizza rolls with queso sauce!

Braiden S: My school bag.

Mrs. Hedrick : Family and friends...also Mexican food and chocolate!

Corriana D: No school on the first Monday of every month.

Mr. Dickerson: My health.

Sophie: Everything!

Mrs. Taylor: My job and my students and my family and also hot water!


by: Andrew Wilson

Plattsburg Illustrated

As a spirit leader at PHS, I have to prepare before each game in a mental and physical way. Mentally, I want to be ready to hype up every single person in the crowd. I hate seeing people sitting in the stands with no enthusiasm. I want everyone screaming to the point that they won’t have a voice in the morning. When people will ask how I lost my voice, I can say, “Duh, at the awesome football game last night!”

It is important to get the crowd to cheer along with our cheerleaders! Physically, I dress in school colors or the theme for that game. I also love a painted face! When you have a crowd that matches, it looks awesome! When the players look up in the stands and see school colors and everyone is screaming and yelling, their morale is boosted and they play better.

Last Friday, the Plattsburg Tigers lost in the state semi-finals to the Hamilton Hornets. The student section was alive, but not near as amped as at the District Championship the week before in Gower. The score made spirits a little low, but we still had everyone cheering along and screaming for the Tigers. It was easier to lead when the Tigers were ahead, but either way, spirit leader is a great job to have. The football team made me proud this season! Way to go Tigers!

The Mannequin Challenge!

By: Bradley Dunivan

The Mannequin Challenge is a new crazy trend involving the act of standing still while doing crazy poses. Doing the Mannequin Challenge involves focus to make your body stay completely still. On the internet, you will mostly find college and NFL football teams doing the Mannequin Challenge. This past week, the Cleveland Cavaliers did the Mannequin Challenge as a way to celebrate their victory. If you thought ice bucket challenges and bottle flipping was crazy, you haven't seen anything yet. Now it's your turn to try the Mannequin Challenge and maybe you will succeed!

Pictured (to the left): CCMS PE teacher, Kelsey Workman, shares her class Mannequin Challenges on Twitter @workmanellis. Check out the videos!