The Road to Victory

By: Kylee Allen

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"Oh you go to that school."

We had all heard it at least once, the stereotypes, the assumptions. They never really seemed to phase me until it came to sports. People who went to large, government founded school's thought we were rich snobs who were only good at academics. Little did they know, our school was pretty capable when it came to sports. Not everyone that went to large schools made false accusations about us, some were supportive. Anyway, my 8th grade year was when I decided that I was hungry for a win. I wanted to defeat the stereotypes and our rival from the past season, Christian Heritage.

Becoming the champions

I can still remember how hard my heart was beating when I glanced up at the score board and realized we were winning. I thought to my self, "we really did it". I also remember going into the game thinking we didn't stand a chance. When the time came to play I was so nervous, but very excited at the same time. In the first quarter we were down, but for the rest of the game we pulled through and brought home the W. When the buzzer when off we all just kinda looked at each other like "we did it". For the first we were proud of us. Personally, I was excited to prove the point that quality overruled quantity. I was so excited to have tangible proof that we were just as capable of winning as a public school.
Queen - We Are The Champions (Lyrics)
The second the buzzer went off "We are the champions" started playing. We were all shocked and happy to see that our parents had planned for it to play when we won. After we ran to the middle and did our little team celebration, I looked over at Ms. B and she had tears in her eyes, that was the first time I had ever seen her cry. Knowing how proud she was, made us even more ecstatic. Every time I hear this song, a very surreal feeling rushes through me, like waves crashing onto the shore.

"nobody could drag me down"

I wanted to win so badly that literally nothing anyone said could drag me down. Everyone on the team wanted the win, we all wanted to prove ourselves. "All my life you stood by me when no one else was ever beside me." Each one of us could have chosen to go to a large public school, but we didn't, we decided to go to St. Mary's, where we could center everything around God. By our 8th grade year people who wanted to go to the big schools realized that weren't and decided to best of where they went. After coming to that conclusion, we were inseparable and most importantly, we were the champions.

The mustard seed

looking back, trying to find something to compare our win to, I realized it was much like a mustard seed. See, mustard seeds start off so tiny, yet they grow into these huge trees. We were a small school that did something huge. I was hopeful that outsiders would share in my opinion, I wanted them to gain respect for my school after winning. Overall I wanted them to realize they weren't the only ones with talent. I still believe that after we won, others considered us a force to be reckoned with.
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After the win

The lasting impact that wining the championship left on me was that quality beat quantity. Everyday in life we have a choice; we can either make the best or worst of of the situation. Our team over came the odds and made the best our small school. "Hard work beats talent when talent fails to work hard." Christian Heritage was our biggest rival, in fact we fell to them during the season. We had to work extremely hard to take the win. Ever since we were victorious I have been happy, content, and proud to be attending Saint Mary's Catholic School. Winning made me realize what we were really capable of, anything we were willing to work for.