Ch11. L2.

Newtons 2nd and 3rd Laws of Motion

Newtons Second Law of Motion states that an Objects Acceleration depends on the objects mass and force applied to it. Newtons Third Law of Motion states that for Every Action there is an Equal and Opposite Reaction.


A Continuous force that casues all objects with mass to be pulled closer or pushed apart. Earth has more mass than the moon that is why we are on Earth but the sun has much more mass than Earth so that is why Earth orbits the Sun. Newton Theorized that the magnitude of an objects Acceleration is is equal to the distance of the orbit (circular Motion of earth Relative to the Sun) is constant of the speed to the Radius of the circular path.


Mass is a body of matter with no exact shape. Mass is how Heavy something is without shape, mass is like your weight without gravity.

Action Forces

Action Forces begin an objects movement. It also causes a Reaction Force.

Reaction Forces

Reaction forces are the effect of action forces and are important to Newtons third law of motion.