Traveling Towards the Old Past

A Daily Life of Egyptians

Getting to know the Egyptians

Most Egyptians started to use hieroglyphics (writing system) to help themselves express their ideas. Instead of just using sound, they would use ideas and expressions. But mostly on a daily bases they would worship many gods and goddesses. One of the main gods was Osiris for the lower Egypt. Also Egyptians would work in the fields, farms, crafts shops, and the Nile River for jobs. Most of the Egyptians would have to be careful walking around because of flies, dirt, and sand would get into the lungs and the eyes. They would drink water, clean, and cook in the Nile River. They would have to take precautions with the water because the Egyptians could receive parasites or a awful sickness.

Figuring out how to Trade

The Egyptians would create their own type of food most of the time. The food they would mostly partake would be cereal, milk, meat, fruits, vegetables, and many more types of food. Most of the Egyptians wouldnt make their own type of food. They would usually trade with other people from other nations. Other people couldnt do the trading process because they either didnt have enough supplies or enough resources. The Egyptian's daily life seems like a roaming, unknowing life. They seem to have certain aspects figured out, but their daily life still is a mystery to have lived in.

Citing Daily Life

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