The New York Times

By: Shefali Patel


On March 9, 2015 my wonderful spring break started in a long car drive to New York City to visit the mysterious magnificent architecture. First, we went to see the great and amazing the statue of liberty. Then while we were on our way to the biggest mall of New York City we went through the gorgeous Brooklyn Bridge. To be honest I would like you to go for a tour to New York and see amazing things that you’ve never seen in your whole entire life.

1. My tour to Statue of Liberty

When we reached New York after driving for hours by car we went to our hotel to freshen up and then I told my dad, “Can we go to see the statue of liberty?” and he said, “Sure”. After few hours we went to see the statue of liberty and when we were on our way to head inside the statue it felt like it was the tallest statue in the whole world and when we reached at the peak of the statue I was feeling like I was on top of the world. While I was inside the statue I saw some posters about the history of the statue. One of the facts I learned that the statue was constructed in France and sent to the US and any other facts. If you want to learn more about the statue I would suggest to take a tour to New York and enjoy yourself being there.

2. My ride to Brooklyn Bridge

The next day when we were heading to the biggest mall in New York City we went through the awesome and beautiful the Brooklyn Bridge. I heard that Brooklyn Bridge is connected to Manhattan for the first time. When we were entering the bridge, some people gave us a card that had some information about the bridge and it said that the bridge took 14 years to build and around $15 million to complete. We were about 276ft above the water where Manhattan was looking beautiful. It felt like you’re in heaven.

3. Went to shop in the biggest mall in Manhattan.

After watching the amazing bridge we finally reached Manhattan and drove to the biggest mall called the Manhattan Mall. I was really excited to get some new clothes and jewelries. When I entered the mall, I saw that there were many varieties of stores. Then, my older sister and I got separate from our parents and spent a lot of money on clothes and dresses. If you love to shop, I would suggest to go to Manhattan Mall and I’m sure you’ll love it and they have all facilities you need or want.