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What is Scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a condition affecting the Skeletal System that causes the spine to curve. Your spine alines your body, holds you upright and protects your spinal cord. When you have scoliosis the curving of the spine can lead to other health problems including damaging our lungs or spinal cord.
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This was my spine before I had the surgery

Who does it affect?

Scoliosis affects about 3 out of every 100 people. Girls are more likely to get Scoliosis than boys. Children and teen going through puberty (age range 10-18) are also more likely to get it because the spine and body are growing.
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How do you get it?

The most common form of Scoliosis is Idiopathic. Idiopathic Scoliosis has no cause and is genetic (born with it). Nothing like carrying things, sports, or injury causes Idiopathic Scoliosis.

How is it Diagnosed?

Scoliosis is diagnosed by a doctor and they take a X-ray to look at your spine. They also look into your family history to see if anyone else had it in your family. The doctor measures the curve and depending on the degree might send you to a specialist.

Signs and Symptoms

When you have Scoliosis one hip or shoulder may be higher than the other. You may also lean to one side when you walk. Depending on the size of the curve you many not have any symptoms at all, but you can also have very serious symptoms like damaging your vital organs, nerves, lungs, and spinal cord.


Treatment for Scoliosis different for every person that has it. If the curve is 10-15 degrees they do nothing just checkups. If it is 20-40 you would wear a back brace. If your curve was 40-50 they might have to have a spinal fusion. A spinal fusion is surgery that is made to correct the curve. They use rods, hooks, wires, and screws to fuse your vertebrate together, stopping the spine from curving. It usually takes about a year for them to fuse but after that you should be able to return to normal life. There are some limitations you have like turning, twisting, and doing certain movements.
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This is my spine after the spinal fusion


Not many deaths are caused by Scoliosis, usually the curve is found and treated. If you have a back brace or have the spinal fusion you should be able to live a normal life. The only reason you may die of Scoliosis is if the health problems it cause are severe enough to kill you.


I choose Scoliosis because I have scoliosis and I have had the spinal fusion. My mom also has Scoliosis. I am really interested in this topic and I have first hand experience with the treatment.
Scoliosis - Curvature of the Spine