The North Times


Transportation Revolution and the Changes it Brought

The Transportation Revolution was a time of rapid growth in the convenience because there were new methods of transportation. Steamboats and steam-powered trains were improvements made possible by inventors.



Steamboats were invented in the 1700's but not in large use until the 1800's. When they tested a steamboat without error, people started to want to use them a lot more than before.

American Railroads

Steam-powered trains were not popular until the 1830's, even thought they were invented in Great Britain during the early 1800's. As more railroads and trains were built and invented, mechanics and engineers overcame all of those challenges that they faced.

Advances in Technology


In 1832, Samuel F. B. Morse finally finished the telegraph. It is a devise that could send information over distances. Morse studied electricity and magnetism to develop the telegraph. Morse's partner, Alfred Lewis Vail, Created a system called the Morse Code.

Steam Power

At the beginning of the Industrial Revaluation, factories ran on water power.but over time, they started using steam power. The people who worked at thee factories started to improve the machines that they used.

Farm Equipment

John Deere saw that using iron plow might be more difficult to use, so he made one with steel blades, and it worked much better. Cyrus McCormick invented a new harvesting machine, and began mass producing.

At Home

Many inventions like the sewing machine made life at home much easier. In the 1830's ice coolers became big. Iron cook tops replaced cooking fires and stone hearths. Families could finally buy household items.