Come to Locomotive Island Today!

Just Below Adelaide in Ausralia

The Animal Conservation Centre and what you will be travelling around in!

The Animal Conservation Centre is a Centre where they keep injured animals from the rain forests where they live. These animals are cared for and protected until they heal. Once healed they are let free back into where they live.

You will be provided with bicycles to travel around the island with. The reason we have bikes instead of cars is to keep the air non polluted and safe for us to breath in.

Some other Attractions that you will witness

The Natural Enviroment

On this island we have a Rainforest and Mountains to visit. The rainforest has a wide range of animals and is highly protected by our rangers. There are around 2000 trees that are protected and none have been cut down. The Mountains have a wide range of activities. You can either climb them all the way to the top, Scale through them to find the beautiful beach on the other side, or just simply watch the wildlife climb up and down the mountains. These mountains are highly protected and are a great thing to do on your stay.