Life in the Library

February 2016

We LOVE to read!

This month is no exception with tons of new books that were just purchased for our library. Check out the latest titles on the slideshow on the library webpage! Stay tuned for a Dr. Seuss Read Across America Celebration coming the first week of March. From a "read-in," to a used book sale and theme dress-up days, Churchville will be all about the books!

Library Happenings

Not snow, nor rain, nor sleet... nothing keeps us from the library! Many grade levels are digging in to research processes, most of which are tied to their classroom curriculum. Fourth graders are choosing topics based on their science or social studies units, from the Erie Canal to animal studies and the environment. In sixth grade, students are selecting their own topics, which range from health issues to endangered animals. They are learning to write research questions and sub-questions - no easy task! Fifth graders are learning about some behind the scenes topics, including copyright and fair use. We watched a "Fair-y Use Tale" made will Disney clips, and learned about the history of copyright. Fair Use guidelines were explained and discussed. We will put this information into practice with better note-taking and citation of our sources! All upper grades are learning or reviewing how to select appropriate sources, both in print and on line, and how to use online databases and encyclopedias. Each grade level is also reading a novel - The 6th Grade Nickname Game, Flora and Ulysses and Crenshaw for 6th, 5th and 4th respectively.

Our youngest readers in kindergarten have been exploring ABC books, which introduced us to the loveable Rocket. Each sweet story teaches about letters, word and love of reading! We read R is for Rocket and Rocket Learns to Read, which began an author/illustrator unit on Tad Hills. We are following up with his books Rocket Writes a Story and Duck and Goose.

First graders are continuing to read stories for the PA Young Reader's Choice Award. We have read part of some chapter books (Dory Fantasmagory, for one), Poem-mobiles, more picture books such as The Monkey Goes Bananas, nonfiction (Baby Elephant in the Wild) and the biography of Kandinsky, The Noisy Paint Box. We will be voting next month! It is going to be hard to pick a favorite!

Second graders have moved on from fables to fairy tales... the fractured kind, that is. Fractured fairy tales will twist either plot, characters, settings or details from a traditional tale in a funny or surprising way. We have read a few versions of the Three Little Pigs, from the wolf's point of view, and the Three Little Wolves! We made Venn diagrams to compare and contrast them. Another fun mix-up was Goldilocks and the 3 Dinosaurs. Students then created their own title and picture of the three somethings! Many stories have been written by the author/illustrator duo of Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith, a pair who we will be studying as we wrap up this unit.

In third grade, students are getting comfortable using Destiny Quest, our online catalog for younger users. They can search and find titles of interest, or view new and popular books as well. Naturally, this led to wanting to find the books on the shelves, so we are learning about spine labels and how the books are organized. Students have practiced sorting books and created their own spine label bookmarks to commemorate a favorite title. We are continuing to read Toys Go Out - ask your child who (or what) Plastic is!

Happy Valentine's Day!

Many classes took a day to celebrate Valentine's Day from our regular units. In Kindergarten and first grade, students read Slugs in Love, a fun and sweet book including poems from, of course, two slugs! Other grades read some poems by Jack Prelustky from It's Valentine's Day. One lucky 6th grade class even got to create some techie valentines, using two different word cloud makers online.