Kurt Warner

From Rags to Riches

Why Kurt Warner is considered a famous Iowan

Kurt Warner was born in Burlington Iowa. He played in the NFL for the Rams, Cardinals, and a year on the Giants. When he was on the Rams he went to the super bowl twice but only won once. After that he went to the Giants for a year. When he was on the Cardinals he went to the super bowl again but lost. He retired a little later and became a sport analyst later on.

Kurt Warner's IB traits

I think Kurt Warner is a risk taker and principled. He is a risk taker because there was a chance he wouldn't get into the NFL but he didn't give up. He is principled because if he messes up a play he knows it and apologizes.

Helping the community

"First Things First" is a charity foundation made by Kurt Warner and his wife Brenda. First Things First helps people fulfill their dreams and help them through their ups and downs. Also another thing is that sometimes when he and his family go out to dinner his kids would pick a table of people and Kurt would anonymously pay for thier dinner.

Kurt Warner's rags to riches story

Kurt Warner was born in Burlington, Iowa on June 22 1971. So now Kurt is 44 years old. When Kurt was four his parents, Gene and Sue divorced. Kurt and his brother lived with their mother. When Kurt first got into sports was in high school at Regis high school. He played well at basketball, baseball, and football. For college he didn't get many good offers so he went to University of Northern Iowa(UNI). He got redshirted his freshman year and the next three years he got sent to the bench. In 1993 he took the starting position and lead UNI to a 8-3 record also leading UNI to the playoffs, conference honors, and won offensive player of the year. Kurt went to the state honors. The state honors game is where all of Iowa's best players and Kurt Warner won the MVP for that game. At UNI he met his wife Brenda. Brenda was a 25 year old single mother of two children and one of them was an infant with brain damage. They married in 1997 and had five other kids throught the years up to 2005. When Kurt graduated he went undrafted and then signed with the packers but after five weeks he got cut. He went back to Ceder Rapids to get a job at a grocery store making only $5.50 per hour but sometimes he would practice at UNI. The Iowa Barnstormers invited Kurt to play arena football. In arena football Kurt set records which caught the Rams eye. the Rams had him play in the NFL European league. There he lead the league in passing yards and touchdowns. That lead him to be signed by the Rams as the third string quarterback. Warner played good enough in training camp to earn the backup posiition. In August the starting quarterback got hurt so Kurt was the starter. Kurt threw for fourteen touchdowns in four games which was more than the entire 98 season for the Rams.In 1999 Kurt lead the Rams to a 13-3 record and won the super bowl. He went to the super bowl one more time on the Rams in 2002 but lost to Brady and the Patriots. Kurt got hurt in the 2003 season and the Rams cut him. Then the Giants signed him for the 2004 season. Kurt went on an eight game losing streak and went to the bench behind the rookie Eli Manning. After the season the Giants cut Kurt Warner. Then the Cardinals signed Kurt to a four year contract. The Cardinals weren't very good and hadn't been to the playoffs for 22 years. For the first three years it wasn't good for the Cardinals but in the fourth year Kurt lead the team to a 9-7 record and going to the Super bowl but falling short and losing to the Steelers. Warner played one more year then retired. A little bit after that Kurt became a football analyst.