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Volume 2, Number 15: September 29, 2020

Corner Middle School Set to Re-Open Monday, October 5th

As you are all aware, Corner Middle School is preparing to re-open school on October 5th for students in grades 5-8. While it is not on a fully traditional schedule, we are excited about the opportunity to see our kids face-to-face beginning next week! Each evening this week, we will send home a Weekly Buzz Update to share information that will help transition your child back into school. The hybrid A/B schedule is set to run for two weeks, before we return fully on October 19th. Please take a moment to review these updates each day! Thank you for your support of your student and Corner Middle School!

CMS Re-Opening Plan: Coming and Going Home from School - Buses

The bus drivers for students in the Corner/Bagley feeder pattern made their first dropoffs last week with students in self-contained classrooms and this week with students in grades K-4. On Monday, October 5th, all students in grades 5-8 will return to Corner Middle School and students in grades 9-12 to Corner High School. We can't wait to see those buses roll in!!!

Before we even discuss routes, procedures, and schedules, I have seen several posts in our community and district feeds "wondering what the bus drivers are doing while the kids are at home." Let me tell you, working hard at our local schools to help prepare for their safe return, maintaining and cleaning school facilities, and delivering breakfast and lunch to the young people of our community. CMS families, I hope you know how blessed we are to have a group of drivers who are committed to our students. In October, we will be celebrating School Bus Safety Week. I hope you will join us in thanking the men and women of our fleet who make sure your students are taken to and from school, on field trips, and to athletic events every day.

We will try to keep the bus section simple. There are no significant changes in the structure of our bus operations this year. On a normal day when all students will be on campus (We can't wait for that day to come!), our buses will run at the same general times they ran during the 2019-2020 school year with minor fluctuations based on graduation, new student enrollment, etc. The drivers who serve Bagley Elementary, Corner Middle, and Corner High are assigned general coverage areas. If you or someone you know has a question about what bus to ride based on the area in which you reside, please look at the document below this article that has that information.

While we are in the A/B Hybrid Learning Model for these two weeks, bus pick-up times may be different due to fewer students riding the bus and fewer stops for drivers. A good rule of thumb is to have riders at the bus stop five to ten minutes prior to the normal pick-up time.

In the information below, we will cover bus safety and bus procedures.

Bus Safety in the Age of COVID-19

As drivers have begun to pick up students to return to school it is important to note that safety remains a top priority for our drivers and our school. If you are concerned about spacing on the bus, it is your prerogative to bring your child to school and pick him/her up daily. This would create more space on the bus as we add students.

We will, however, work to appropriately space students who ride Jefferson County buses and ask them to:

  • Not come to school if they are sick. Containing this virus starts at home.
  • Be at the bus stop on time each day ready to go.
  • Wear a mask onto the bus, while riding the bus, and when they get off of the bus to enter the buildings.
  • Sit in the seat assigned by the driver the entire ride -- morning and afternoon. This will assist us in contact tracing should a student rider get sick.
  • Bring a water bottle for the morning and afternoon ride.
  • Assist the driver in keeping the bus free of trash so the driver can sanitize the bus in the morning and afternoon.

Please watch the video below from Jefferson County that gives transportation information to our families.

Riding the Bus

Bus Arrival and Dismissal

CMS buses arrive at our school in three waves as they serve three schools in the feeder pattern. They drop off and pick up each day in front of the main office. This hasn't changed in several years. CMS FAMILIES SHOULD NOT DROP OFF STUDENTS IN CARS ANYWHERE IN FRONT OF THE MAIN BUILDING.

We want all of our bus riders, bus drivers, and teachers and guests crossing from the parking lot across the road to maneuver safely to their destinations. Please do not make us reprimand a student because families who drive do not follow the rules due to tardiness, laziness, or utter disregard for safety.

The Traffic Plan document below outlines the morning drop-off and afternoon pick-up routines for CMS.

What are the rules for the Buses?

The rules for the buses are the same as they have always been in years past. Below is the link to the Jefferson County Student-Parent Handbook which contains this information on pages 32 - 36.

What About Car Riders?

First, we encourage you to look at the CMS Traffic Plan for 2020-2021 just above the previous article for specific information. We want car line to be a safe place for our students. Some things to make that happen include:

  • Stay at home if you are feeling sick. Containing this virus starts at home.
  • Leave home a little early to avoid coming in on two wheels at the last minute.
  • Have everything ready that you will need when exiting the car prior to coming to a stop.
  • Drivers should pull all they way up to prevent any accidents from occurring. I am going to say it right here. All principals, teachers, and students are not too good to walk a few extra steps to keep everyone safe.
  • Wear your mask upon exiting the vehicle and entering the building.
  • In the afternoons, students should look and listen for information about their ride's arrival.
  • While we understand emergencies occur, drivers should work to be on time each day to pick up their students.
  • Go over pick-up routines in the morning (Mom, am I a car rider or bus rider today?)
  • Call the main office BEFORE 2:00 PM for changes in your routines.

And What about Child Nutrition plans?

We have worked with our CNP staff at Corner Middle School to ensure we are doing everything possible to keep our kids in a safe environment while eating.

CMS families, our CNP staff has done an AMAZING JOB working to provide breakfast and lunch to students in the remote setting. I have heard nothing but great things from families about our school meals while we have been out of school. These ladies are to be congratulated for their work AND for the perfect 100 health rating they received from the Jefferson County Department of Public Health in the cafeteria.

Per our district leaders, the USDA has extended the summer feeding program. This means that all students will be able eat breakfast and lunch for Free until December 31st or until federal funding runs out. After that time students enrolled in the National School Lunch Program will be able to get meals for free or at a reduced price. Regular rates will apply for other students.

For the two-week hybrid period, we will split our on-campus students to ensure appropriate spacing in the cafeteria. In week one, some students will be in the cafeteria, while others will take their food back to the classroom. In week two, we will flip the groups to assure everyone is in the cafeteria as we work back to five-day-a-week integration.

We are encouraging everyone to bring a bottle of water from home that can be refilled during the day as water fountains are turned off.

If you you believe you qualify, but have not filled out an application for free and reduced lunches, go to the link below to do that.

Schedule for Weekly Buzz Updates as We Prepare to Re-Open

Please look for information in a Weekly Buzz Update each day this week on the following topics to assist our families:

Tuesday, September 29th: Transportation Information (Coming to and Going Home from School) and Child Nutrition Services

Wednesday, September 30th: Instructional Information (Navigating the Two-Week Hybrid Period)

Thursday, October 1st: Instructional Information (Successful Traditional and Remote School Days)

Friday, October 2nd: Instructional Information (Academic Progress and My Student in the First Quarter)

Saturday, October 3rd: Policy and Procedure Information (Dress Code, Cell Phones, and the Code of Conduct)

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