Ceramic class

Ceramics is cool


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Something that came into my mind and my inspiration is my old cup that shapes like a cat, ( and sorry about the side-way picture ) the hat made me think of Alice in Wonderland at first but i originally made this cup " fancy " as in a " Like-a-Sir " cat cup.


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When I had to think of something to what animal should I use I shape the whistle, I thought of a bird cause to me in my opinion birds are easy to make as of turtles

Plus I like owls, they amaze me for some reason and I love the movie Harry Potter( which is my inspiration for this project )


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This peace was suppose to be a cool-looking vase but the clay refused to go higher so I just smushed the top layer close to each other to look like a piece of coral and that had

Gave me an idea to paint it wildly with blues, purples, blacks, silver, magenta, and and other colors, its not really good in my opinion but i tried my best.


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My art of random " free-standing " haha. This was something I designed

it look symbolic in my eyes and I guess it does to the eyes of others if they see it, but I'm guessing the meaning is" just hold on to your hope even though you have failed " meaning the angel has lost her wings but she still carries hope with her