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RRISD TAG Summer Festival: ReDESIGN(ed)

You have probably received an electronic copy about the TAG Summer Festival scheduled for June 15-18, 2015. The attachment should have included the online registration instructions. This workshop is a chance for your child to focus upon the development of critical thinking skills through hands-on experiences. The registration fee is $125. If you did not receive a copy, please let us know and we will resend it.

First and Second Grade Students Find PASSION In Their Research

Our youngest scholars are diligently learning about using a Google Drawing and the Research tool. During our research sessions in the library each Thursday, these students are learning to insert an image and create a textbox using information from their research about their chosen topics. We have learned a lot and had a great deal of fun in sharing our findings about snakes, pandas, alligators, and Alaska.

Third Grade Students Find a Parade of Pets

Third grade scholars have used their research skills in finding information about the cost for purchasing and care for a unique pet: and, unique they are! Our topics include the hedgehog, pot-bellied pig, Friesian horse, capybara, and chinchilla. We have joked that it's probably a good thing that this is an imaginary idea because the girls were very surprised at the cost of some of these pets! As we finish our research, we will move on to the more creative side of the project with many choices in activities. Please check due dates with your child.

Fourth Graders Find a Paradise in Texas...and perhaps Mars

Our fourth grade students recently completed their IB project during the integrated study of European immigration to Texas during the mid-1800's. As a class, we read A Paradise Called Texas and considered the difficult journey early settlers endured as they landed in Galvestion. Our TAG scholars are now finishing an independent activity concerning the Mars One expedition. Each scholar will assume the point of view of one of the four people who will be chosen to live on Mars during the expedition. Students are completing a series of short writing activities related to the event. In this way, we hope that students can experience what it might have felt like to pioneer Texas from Germany. We have agreed that it probably felt like these early pioneers were visiting another planet. Students are also experiencing writing camp where we will use "power writing" sessions to practice our craft of writing expository and personal experiences.

Fifth Graders Language Arts TAG Students Serve as Ambassadors of the IB Attitudes

Our senior scholars developed the concept for our latest unit of study. Students worked collaboratively to each create a lesson focused upon helping second grade students learn more about the importance of using the IB Attitudes. Each scholar read all or a portion of a self-selected children's book which spotlights a specific attitude. Then, the scholars worked collaboratively to help each other design an activity for younger scholars to experience focusing on the IB attitude. It was priceless to watch. We developed criteria for their lesson plan and scheduled a meeting with Mrs. Allen to ask for permission to work with younger students. Then as a team of very young teachers, the group met with the second grade teachers to "pitch" their idea for lessons. Their enthusiasm and ideas were met with unanimous approval. Last week, fifth graders became the teachers for an hour to their second grade students. It was wonderful to watch the leadership and sincerity in each presentation.

Now, each group member has selected a person of history who has made a significant positive impact on our history to read about and record information. Students should have a biography they are reading and locating biographical information about the topic online. We will look at the power of quotes in later lessons.

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Math TAG Students Gear Up for STAAR Test

Third, fourth, and fifth grade students are diligently working to prepare for the STAAR Test. Although our TAG math students are working at an accelerated pace, we are encouraging students to show all work and take their time to increase accuracy during all testing.

Third graders will be developing competency in problem solving with multiplication , division, fractions, measurement and time. Also, they will be looking at key concepts in personal finance.

Fourth graders will be looking at applications of geometry, measurement and data. They will be developing personal financial literacy.

Fifth graders will continue problem solving with the development of algebraic expressions, understanding of personal financial literacy and the relationships of circles and angles.